Best Things to Do and Tourist Attractions in Oudenaarde Belgium in 2019

Belgium is a small beautiful country located on the western coast of Europe. Although it may be little, it’s filled with lots of amazing sights. It’s a nation that has been right at the spearhead of Europe’s history, with plenty of the continent’s most significant events consumed across its countryside. 

So whether you want to visit the country for its ancient or modern history, it will give you a big chunk of European heritage within a small piece of land. There’s a city located on the left bank of the river Scheldt called Oudenaarde, which truly is a city of art. It’s a Belgian municipality in the Flemish province of East Flanders. Now, you might ask for things to see and do in this small city of Oudenaarde, don’t you worry because this article sums an easy guide with some of the best places you can explore! 



Of course, the first on our list is trying out cycling! The Flemish people already have cycling in their blood and with national heroes including “the cannibal” Eddy Merckx who’s going to help you understand the obsession for it. A lot of tourists consider this as cycling heaven because it really is. Located at the wonderful Huize Norman, you would feel as if you are at the epicentre of cycling itself.

Cycling in this place is bliss since Flemish Ardennes’s countryside will welcome you with endless flowing fields, cobbled roads, and forested hills. In other countries, you will receive a loving welcome and large space on the road, here they would even want to introduce you to their families and treat you with a drink as well. Pretty amazing right? 



There are people who are not cycling fans, and if you’re one of them who find it boring, this museum has a lot of things to offer. It’s a different museum since it’s interesting, interactive, and will take you on a whirlwind tour on one of the best iconic cycling races, it’s really worth the visit. You may treat yourself with a drink and snack afterwards in the cafe, plus you can take lots of pictures too and add them to your Instagram-worthy feed! 



If visiting museums is your thing, then don’t miss out MOU! Oudenaarde is the kickoff point for furtherly exploring Flemish Ardennes, which is a thousand years of history in the middle of endless rolling hills. The MOU will be an unforgettable experience since it will bring history to life. They bring it to existence through interactive media and historical pieces and let you travel through time, from medieval times up till today. You’ll meet Emperor Charles, with his illegitimate daughter Margaret, Adriaan Brouwer together with his famous beer scenes, and Louis XIV, who passed away. 

Moreover, the MOU is located in one of Belgium’s most picturesque town halls and is situated at the market square of Oudenaarde. 



Love Italian food? Then better taste Italian in Oudenaarde! If you’re up for a quick bite, this the place to try out eight tasty sauces with the pasta of your choice in an instant. Although it’s a tiny shop, they have a handful of seats, so no need to worry! 



For beer lovers! You need to take this guided tour at the oldest family brewery in the country, which has been passed from generation to generation since 1545. You’ll learn about their story and even experience the brewing process and witness their passion for beer. The tour lasts about 2 hours and includes a tour with a guide, tasting, and a gift set. 

If you love unique museums, a fan of cycle racing, and passionate about beers, then Oudenaarde is a beauty that offers all of those. If you have plans for travelling to Oudenaarde, you wouldn’t regret it. Definitely worth the visit!