3 Rare Flowers that You will See only during Sichuan Wildflower Expedition Tour

Sichuan is definitely a fascinating province in China. There are mountains and wild pastures to delight any backpacker around the world. Thanks to the geographical location, the floral world is simply thriving here. There are vast fields covered with vibrant flowers. Some of the flowers only bloom in certain regions at a certain time of the year. To put it simply, Sichuan creates a magical experience for everyone regardless of age or gender.

The abundant and diverse lands are flourishing with nature’s bounty. You can traverse through the less-trodden trails and immerse in surreal beauty. Anyone who has the penchant for turning off their phone for a few days and staying amidst nature, Sichuan is the perfect destination. Go through the following section and learn how Sichuan wildflower expedition tour can be a life-changing experience.

Sky Covered with Azaleas

Mount Emei is originally famous for various shrines and temples. The travelers hiking to the top, witness the mountain being covered with white clouds. As they float away, it creates a heavenly sight for all. The impressive vista gives birth to a wide range of blossoms. There is even a high chance to spot big trees bent over with azaleas. Azaleas are flowers for symbolizing femininity and softness. The species has been a favorite to many. This region generally expects white Azaleas that only present purity of nature. There is no need to emphasize how beautiful the whole scene looks like.

Chengdu Decked Up with Regal Lily

Chengdu has gained much recognition for hosting an amazing range of flowers. It takes pride in having a valley of flowers. And it is not an exaggeration. The flower species are more than 2,000 years old. Moreover, numerous flowers have managed to enhance the beauty of Chengdu. Among all, Regal Lily stands out to be the most different one. Known as King’s Lily or Royal Lily, Regal Lily blooms abundantly in Southwestern China, Sichuan. The center is yellow but the outer body is completely white. You can easily detect the flower by its trumpet-shaped body. Also, the strong fragrance is not to be missed. This type of Lily has significant roots in the country and it symbolizes purity.

Rare Chinese Dove Tree in Mt. Emei Shan

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the cool breeze and look at the vast pastures in summer? There is a way to find retreat in the mysterious Sichuan basin. And the scenic beauty of Mt. Emei Shan resolves everyone anguish. The mountain has brought up numerous flowers to decorate the whole surrounding. In the endless list, Chinese Dove Tree is noteworthy. This species has ever-green leaves and the brightness oozes out when the flower is in full bloom. The way the flowers bloom in the wild, you will surprised to think that nobody but nature decorated the whole place. Also, watch out for the handkerchief or dove shape.

Apart from Sichuan, you can also book China flower watching trip. After all, everyone deserves to witness the exotic flowers once in a lifetime!

Author bio: Amanda Williams is a backpacker who has published various blog posts on how to get ready for China flower watching trip. Here, she discusses a few flowers that you will definitely spot during Sichuan wildflower expedition tour.