8 Worst Kinds Of Hotel Guests Hotel Insiders Do Not Respect

People who work in the hospitality industry – the hotel receptionists, housekeeping staff, bellmen, restaurant and bar servers, and valet drivers – are the most accommodating and gracious people I’ve ever met. They’re more than willing to accommodate you and ensure you have a great experience. 

But no matter how respectful these hotel workers are, they can only take so much, especially when some ill-bred hotel guests are pushing them to their limits. 

From rude, obnoxious complainers to gross, filthy folks, here are 8 of the worst kinds of hotel lodgers hotel workers have encountered. Are you one of them?

1. The Great Complainers

A great complainer is someone who seeks perfection and calls out every impurity they see, no matter how small. The water in the shower wasn’t hot enough. There aren’t enough pillows in the room. They can’t find their favorite channel on the in-room TV. 

While hotel workers are more than willing to accommodate your requests to make your stay more worthwhile and address complaints, some first-world criticisms just drive them nuts. The worst part is repeated apologies and suggestions on how the situation can be better aren’t enough for them – they want freebies.

2. The Party Animals

These loud, obnoxious folks are always ready to party but they won’t buy drinks from the expensive hotel bar, of course. Instead, they’ll orchestrate their own party inside the room. They’ll bring in massive coolers loaded with beer and other forms of booze. They’ll drink until they’re wasted, with no shame or respect for the hotel staff and other guests. 

In the morning, you can find their hotel room with remnants of partying gone bad: bottles scattered all over, vomit everywhere, food waste mess, and passed out party animals. 

3. The Germaphobe’s Nightmare

Anyone who has worked in the hospitality industry can agree: not all people wealthy enough to pay for a hotel room or an expensive meal is cultured. Every hotel employee, whether they’re in the housekeeping department or reception, must’ve had at least one first-hand encounter with a gross hotel guest. 

It’s not just about potato chip litters or hair-filled drainages – we’re talking about underwear found in the kettle, human waste stains in the sheets, cigarette butts on drinking glasses, used “love gloves” everywhere, and tons of rubbish scattered all over the bed, tables, and floor. 

4. The “20 People in 1 Room” People

As long as you get permission from the hotel staff and sleeping on the sofa is no big deal, it’s okay to fit five members of your family in a room designed for 2 people. But secretly sneaking in a big group of people in a room with a single king-sized bed and expecting the hotel staff not to notice? That’s a big mistake. It’s impossible not to get caught especially if you’re asking for a dozen extra pillows, blankets, and duvet covers. 

5. The Property Destroyers

The label speaks for itself. These people are either too careless and irresponsible or just too foolish for the privilege of lodging in a hotel. Many housekeepers have witnessed a lot of damaged hotel properties, including broken drinking glasses and mirrors, stained and distressed sheets and sofa, and the most vulgar vandalisms on the wall and furniture. They may be capable of paying for the damages but they can’t buy good manners. 

6. The Sneaky Thieves

Hotels, whether they’re low-cost or high-end, love giving freebies to hotel guests. They welcome their patrons with complimentary water bottles, toiletries, disposable slippers, notepads, pens, and instant coffee. Some folks, unfortunately, can’t seem to draw the line between being wise and stealing. The towels, robes, glasses, hangers, pillows, linens, and paintings in your hotel room are not souvenirs for you to take. 

7. The VIPs

“Don’t you know who I am?” 

These people use their status to gain something, like a special treatment or a discount. They may brag about their relationship with the owner of the hotel, or with someone of higher ranking. They may flaunt their travel experiences, and how that luxurious hotel in Parramatta is better than the current three-star hotel. They may also tell the staff that they have checked into the property in the past, thus should be treated with a better room or a discounted price. 

8. The “I Own the Right to be Annoying Since I Paid for the Room” People 

These are the people who use the excuse, “I’m a paying customer” as a ticket to disregard, not only the hotel rules, but the basic acts of decency.  

You may find them sitting pretty at an upholstered couch in the lobby, all wet and fresh from the pool. They may answer the door scantily clad. You may also see them hoarding everything at the buffet, leaving nothing but scraps for other guests.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the seasoned writers for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a modern hotel located in the heart of Western Sydney, delivering top-class Parramatta accommodation. She has always been passionate about traveling, taking photos, and writing travel tips and tricks.