Video Production Companies, Choosing the Right One

When looking for a video production company there are certain things which are important to take note off. Firstly, look at the standard of work from their portfolio / show reel, this is a great indication of what you can expect and the type of productions that the company specialise in. You should then reference this with the project that you are working on, for example, if you are looking for a short promotional video then see what services the company offers that will help with this, such as digital grading, motion graphics, CGI and animation.

Production Companies Based in New York City

So what type of production do you want? promotional video, training video, company overview, exhibition video. Once you have decided on this you should also take into account who the video is aimed at. Look at your audience, its important that your video conveys the right message to the right audience. Most production companies will work with you in the pre production stage to help you deliver your message, which they then apply to the production and post production.

Once you have this you then need to decide what platform you will use to screen your film, internet, DVD etc. If you are making a video for your website it is recommended that you don’t make it too long that people will shut off before getting your points across, if you do need a 20 minute video for your website one solution is to break the video down into separate short films that relate to different parts of the company / site.

Most Video Production Agency New York City will help you do this and discuss with you the best ways to effectively target your audience.

If you want the video on a DVD then look at the best ways to showcase it. Animated menu screen, chapter selection, animated company logos. Just because the budget isn’t that of a feature film the DVD should still have that high end look.


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