Tips to resolve common urgent Care Billing and coding problems

If you are stressed with the delayed reimbursement for your urgent care services, then you are not alone!

Working in the medical billing and coding world is not as easy as it is seen especially in the urgent care domain. This is because even with dedicated people working to improve your practice’s ROI, at times you still end up with delayed reimbursement due to errors and rejected claims. 

In fact, here are a few common urgent care billing and coding errors:


  • Inefficient front end management – new patient involves the risk of mistakes and errors. If a patient lacks the necessary information or the information is completely overlooked not only the urgent care claims will be delayed but billers will end up with extra work related to its resubmission. This is why to avoid all this confusion, efficient front end management is extremely essential.
  • Coding confusion – wrong and incorrect codes, and modifiers often lead to a significant amount of loss in money on a daily basis. This is the reason why you need experienced coders who are not only up to date with recent coding changes but also aware of the codes used for the services.
  • Wrong payer contracts – poor payer contracts lead to bad reimbursement. This is why contracting with the payers in the area in advance helps withclaims being processed and paid correctly along with a lesser wait time to negotiate with contracts.
  • Inexperienced billers and coding expert – urgent care needs experienced expert providing careful attention to detail.


This is why RCM organization like Sunknowledge Services Inc today has huge a huge demand for urgent care billing operations. Avoiding the errors in the urgent care billing and coding process and ensuring an effective front and back end management process, Sunknowledge today is known for delivering state of art solution to many.

Taking care of the rising patient volume, we today have the highest productivity metrics with 100s of excellent industry references.

Working for more than 15 + years, we today with our pool of experts not only ensure seamless billing operation but also an accuracy rate of 99.9 % throughout the billing and coding transaction with 80 % operational cost reduction.


So stop worrying and call us right away, so we can help you resolve all your urgent care complications with the right tool and practical solution that help in faster ROI.

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