Top 5 Perfect Birthday Gift Ideas Your Sporty Friend Will Surely Love

We all have that fit, easygoing, and energetic sporty friend in our lives. It doesn’t if they’re a girl or boy, it’s always amazing to know about the passion they share about sports and maintaining their fit and healthy body. It’s always a good thing to have such a friend that can inspire you with their contagious spirit and enthusiasm in life. This is why it’s only important that you choose the best birthday gift that they truly deserve and also reflect your adoration of them. 

Here are some birthday gift ideas that you can consider giving your sporty friend that can help you decide. 


1. Sports Equipment (Jump Rope App-Friendly)

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If you spend some time with your friend and watch them play and bring their daily stuff can provide you with ideas of what to give them. Although sports equipment gifts can be frustrating since plenty of athletic individuals will want to purchase their own sports equipment. 

A unique gift you can give your friend is a jump rope that can be connected to an app that provides hundreds of workouts. Also, you may clip different light-and-heavy-weight ropes to the holders to mix up your workout. Your sporty friend will surely appreciate the effort you’ve made by giving them such a useful gift. 


2. Sports Essentials

Several sports essentials can also be considered as equipment, there are a few items that can be of great use that are outside of the game category. For instance, water bottles are useful that can help your friend stay hydrated throughout the game, and they will definitely use them when thirsty during their everyday activities. 

For instance, the foam roller water bottle from MOBOT Bertha is not your ordinary water bottle. It’s a foam roller and water bottle at the same time. This product actually works. It’s very sturdy so you can pull your entire weight on it to roll out any curls. This genius product will have your friend get excited to hit the gym again. Also, the bottle saves a lot of space in their gym bag which is an effective conversation starter too. Of course, people will ask if it’s a foam roller or water bottle? 


3. Activewear or Sportswear

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If you don’t want to go wrong with the gift you plan to give your friend, sportswear or activewear is the best way to go. You will not fail on this and they will appreciate any type of new addition to their sports apparel, which they can also use for their sports activities. Classic football shirts, jerseys, shirts, tracksuits, shoes, sweatshirts, and yoga pants are some of the best sportswear gift ideas you can consider if you want to make your gift thoughtful. 

Other options are the low-key ones like sports bras, socks, and sports underwear which are all useful and wearable but usually overlooked. Your friend will be happy about it since sports undergarments can help them move confidently and comfortably. If that friend plays basketball or soccer, for instance, they will thank you for saving them from feet pain and blisters. These kinds of functional and thoughtful gifts will be appreciated and will be put into good use. 


4. Sports-Themed Gifts

Another fun gift idea you can give your friend for his or her birthday is a sport-themed item that can be associated with their favourite sports. This will inspire them more to love what they do and encourage them to do better at their game. Is your friend a soccer player? Then you may give them a soccer-themed pillowcase, mug, planner, or a ball-shaped soccer pendant. 

This is the best time to use your creativity! Think about the other things that your friend enjoys and incorporate that the sports theme into it. These sport item gifts are usually the ones that are more memorable and have a great impact when you want to remind them how passionate they are for the sport they love. Most importantly, these quirky gift items can strengthen the bond of your friendship and help to create more memories of each other. 


5. Health and Recovery Items

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Your sporty friend will absolutely value the bond and relationship you have when they see that you’re looking after their health and well-being. This is why relaxation items are one of the ideal gifts you can give your friend. If your friend is training for a marathon, a foot massager will save them from muscle soreness and pain. This gift will surely feel like heaven for their sore toes. A foot massager is a life-saver that can relieve pain, encourage recovery, and offer relaxation. 

Sports activities normally lead to muscle pain and soreness, your friend will thank you for this kind of gift. Another option is a first-aid kit or triage but we don’t want your friend to get injured. However, this kind of gift is thoughtful to give especially in case emergencies and injuries do happen. 

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