Can you Charge your Car with a Dead Battery?

Having a car means taking regular care of it. The battery is a key component of the car. If the battery malfunctions, the car becomes completely incapacitated. You know how to charge a battery, but do you know how to charge a dead battery? Probably not.

In this article, we’ll take a look at that.

dead battery

A car battery might die out for a number of reasons. If it takes long for you to start a car, or if you keep the car outside in freezing temperature, the battery might damage.

Once you realize your car battery is dead, you need to grab yourself all that equipment needed to charge the battery. You need a car that is operational with its battery being fully charged and a set of jumper cables. The cables are to be used to connect the two cars, so one transfers its energy to the other.

Before you Start

Before you start

Before you begin, you need to inspect your car’s battery. Make sure the battery is in a healthy condition. It shouldn’t have any visible crack or leak, from which battery acid might ooze out. Don’t make the mistake of kickstarting the process if your battery shows any crack or leak.

Personal safety

You should be careful of your personal safety. Don’t forget to wear rubber made hand-gloves and safety goggles before you touch the dead battery. Your eyes and hands require protection from sulfuric acid which may eject from the battery.

Check the cables

The jumper cables that you are going to attach to your car should be secure and corrosion-free, using insecure cables might result in danger. In case you don’t know how to use jumper cables, see this video. If the jumper cables are corroded, then clean them with a boar bristle brush.

Align the cars

Once you grab all the equipment and prep yourself for personal safety, next you should place the two cars in the right alignment. Drive the car that is operational next to the debilitated one, but make sure they don’t touch one another. The two cars might both face the same direction, or face each other head on.

Distance and size

The distance between the two cars is important; they need to have a close proximity to being connected to each other. The size of the jumper cables matters; if the size is less, the cars then need to be brought really close to one another. It’s best for you to buy the cable from a reputed manufacturer because the length of the cables differs depending on which company manufactured them.

Beginning the process

After you bring the two cars close to each other, you need to open the hoods of each of them because the batteries are located inside the hood. After opening the hood, check each battery’s positive and negative terminals. The indication of the positive terminal is the “+” sign and that of the negative terminal is the “-” symbol.

Why checking the terminals is important?

Because the jumper cables fall into two categories, which are positive and negative. How would you know which jumper cable is positive and which is negative? One way to identify is to see the cable’s color. Positive jumper cables are normally red colored. Negative jumper cables are normally black colored. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to check the label to be sure whether the cable is positive or negative.

The two ends of the positive jumper cable must be connected to the positive terminals of the functional car and the car with dead battery.

Similar to the positive jumper cable, the negative cable also comes with two ends. One end should be connected to the negative terminal of the car that is operational. The other end must be connected to a paint and oxidation free grounded metal component of the car that is containing the dead battery.

checking the terminals

Rest of the processes are fairly simple. Start the engine of the car that functional. Once the engine starts, the jumper cables will begin charging the dead battery. Let some time pass by and then start the engine of the car that contains the dead battery. After starting the engine, run it for at least 4-5 minutes and then drive for at least 15 minutes.

This way, you could make sure the car with the dead battery is now functional.

As you can see, the process of charging a car with a dead battery is not so difficult if the steps are all being followed meticulously. Hence, follow the steps outlined above and you don’t have to spend money on buying a new battery.

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