Customising a car: The to-do list

Your car or any automobile you own can be representative of your achievements. If you are an automobile enthusiast, you will definitely know about the personal value that a car holds for its owner. Your car is a personal possession that you should be proud of. Whether it is a tinge of pride or belongingness, your car should have it all. Is it okay to keep your car the way it is? Many owners prefer personalising their cars and individualising them to make them more distinctive.

People personalise their cars in the belief that it will make them more valuable but also because they want to change the look and feel of the car. There are many ways of customising or personalising your car. For example, you can personalise your car with internal accessorises and external accessories, or personalised registration plates. The method of personalisation depends on your personal preference and your budget.

In this blog, we discuss the different personalised modifications you can carry out on your car in order to change its look and its feel.

Here are the most common ways in which you can personalise your car, including the use of personalised registration plates.

Your personalised car options:

● Personalising your audio and video systems

When you travel in your car, an important aspect of travelling is the ambience within the vehicle. What you hear and see inside the car determines the internal ambience afforded to you as the driver and your passengers. So by personalising your car with enhanced audio and video systems you can move towards achieving internal personalisation of your vehicle. You might want to change the way the sound of music is distributed within the car or the way in which you can watch videos. It is certainly worth considering adding rear seat video entertainment if you have children.

If you are a music lover, you may want to integrate amplifiers and high quality speakers into the audio system. This entire process is part of the internal enhancement and personalising process for your car. You may want to consider a higher quality music player or video playing system. Video playing is not normally part of front seat entertainment, but it can be incorporated into the rear of the front seats.

● Customising the paintwork and external modifications

One of the high visual impact ways of making a statement with your car is to have a re-spray with a customised paint scheme or to have it acrylic wrapped. With either of these options, you can be creative and incorporate colours and patterns that have meaning to you. For example Daley Thompson, the retired Olympic Athlete, had his Ferrari wrapped in Gold and incorporated the Olympic Team GB colours into the external look of the vehicle. Painting or acrylic wrapping your car with unique colours and patterns makes your car visually distinctive. Choosing a colour that is quite different from other standard colour schemes is an extremely effective way of creating a completely different look and feel to your car. Treat your car as your canvas and get going with your paintwork personalisation. You also need to consider adding personalised registration plates.

● Adding a Personalised number plate

The easiest way to customise a vehicle is by adding a private number plate. It may seem like a small change to make, but in reality, a personalised number plate makes an enormous difference to the appearance and to the perception people have of your vehicle. The number plate projects the identity of your car. If you are serious about changing the look and feel of your car then adding a personalised number plate to your car is the easiest and most effective way of creating an impact. Personalised registration plates are accessible and they are available to suit the budgets of most car owners. The use of a personalised registration plate is not something that everyone considers when customizing a vehicle. However, the number plate of a vehicle is the first thing that people notice on the road. It is for this reason that you need to consider this option if you have not previously considered it as part of your journey to the customization of your cherished vehicle.

● Inner seat covers and interiors

One of the most noticeable modifications to your car can be customisation of the interior. Although the interiors may not be visible to people outside, accessories for the interior of your car improve the overall ambience of the car and give it a luxurious feeling. Whether you want to add a layer of extra protection or you want to modify the colour of the seats to improve the car interiors, there are seat cover options available for all tastes. From pure leather seat covers to fur seat covers, there is a huge range of options available. You can also change the interior dashboard of the car to suit your taste. Most people have an image of their perfect car in their head. Internal accessories can help you to bring your imagination to life.


The above-mentioned personalised accessories are regular modifications you need to consider when customizing your vehicle. These modifications range from internal seat covers to external paint jobs and acrylic wraps. Whether you want to change the number plate or the audio system of your car, there are numerous options with differing costs for you to create the right look and feel for your car. From styling to personal comfort, there are many aspects of your car that you can improve without too much trouble. You may want to phase improvements across a period of time or implement changes as a single event to create a ‘big bang’ effect.

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