Wedding Photography Calgary: Tips for Couples to Get Perfect Clicks

The perfect pictures need prior planning. Follow these tips to look and feel your best in front of the lens. 

Weddings! It is the union of two people; their bodies and souls amidst the blissful presence of friends and family. It’s a grand celebration of love that seemingly lasts a day but is more like the culmination of months of planning. Executing a wedding ceremony followed by a reception is no child’s play; ask any couple who have gone through this nuptial roller coaster ride.

Every bride and groom seek perfection on their wedding day, which means everything from the décor, venue, and guest-list to food and music have to be flawless. Wait! Something just missed the list. Of course! How can we even forget about photography? But just hiring a professional for wedding photography in Calgary is not enough. The couple needs to sit down with the photographer and plan to get the most beautiful clicks on the wedding day.

There is no reason to fret if you are yet to do that. We are here to help you out with some handy tips.

Wedding Photography Tips for the Perfect Pictures

Follow the pre-shoot tips mentioned below, and you will get the perfect wedding day pics, guaranteed!

Communicate with the Photographer

Planning for wedding photography starts with the couple sitting down with the photographer. For good pictures, the professional would require basic details like the venue, time of the day for the ceremony and reception, indoor or outdoor, etc. It’s your big day, so you must have some expectations; have a heart-to-heart with the photographer, let him/her know what you want and what you don’t want.

Is there a Style You Prefer?

Do you want to pose for the pictures, or do you prefer candid shots? Do you want something romantic or glamorous? Your wedding photographer will require such details to understand the style of photography that you prefer. Accordingly, the shots can be clicked on D-day. If you are looking for something more intimate, then hire a Calgary Boudoir photographer.

Lighting is Essential

Is it going to be an indoor wedding, or have you booked an outdoor venue? Is it going to be a church, a rustic barn or a posh banquet hall? Make a mental note of these things because you need good lighting for the perfect shots. For instance, if you are having a day ceremony and an evening reception, you can capture the different shades and moods of natural light through the day in the pictures.

Make a Note of the Moments

Weddings are made of moments of love and emotions. To capture and frame the spontaneous ones, the photographer has to rely on his/her artistic integrity and sense. Nevertheless, you have a role to play in making note of the moments that are a must in your wedding album.

  • First kiss;
  • First dance;
  • Father-daughter dance, and likewise.

Plan these things with your hired wedding photography in Calgary to look and feel your best for the most beautiful pictures as your cherished keepsakes.

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