3 steps to submit cleaner orthotics and prosthetics billing claims

Today managing orthotics and prosthetics billing has become quite a nightmare for a lot of healthcare providers. This is because the orthotics and prosthetics industry is experiencing quite a tough time in hiring and retaining new staff and maximizing the company revenue in this rising labor rate circumstances.

In fact, even with the best in staff, orthotics and prosthetics providers are experiencing a lot of billing and coding issues, as today due to limited resources they are more prone to undergo severe burnout rapidly. This is why Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help ensure a better orthotics and prosthetics billing transaction as we have clients all over the country and we understand the problems that orthotics and prosthetics providers are struggling with recently.

Tips to improve your orthotics and prosthetics billing transaction:

  • Data management – a lot depends on this portion. Incorrect data not only can delay the complete billing operation but also revenue generation as a whole. So it is advisable to ensure correct data entry is done and maintained with checks and rechecks ensuring an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

  • Ensure proper claims management – When your claims aren’t getting filed in a timely manner, claims get denied and rejected. So you have to ensure timely claims submission and a lot of A/R follow-up must be ensured. Try to submit things via secure email or fax so you have written proof that you submitted your claim in a timely manner and better billing management.

  • Analyze your billing loopholes and improve them – when you are experiencing numerous denial and rejected claims, it’s best to analyze the loopholes and work on both the front and back end carefully and locate the problem so that you can work on it accordingly in order to strengthen your orthotics and prosthetics billing game.

Sunknowledge–a perfect RCM destination to close all your orthotics and prosthetics billing gaps”

Addressing the largest issues in the orthotics and prosthetics billing process first and correcting them before moving on, Sunknowledge today has not only helped many with improved ROI and lesser error rate but assured with a better first pass collection rate of 97%.

Being one of the leading RCM destination that has helped many with lesser billing and coding error, Sunknowleddge today is known for enhancing the ROI, reducing the denial rate and claims rejection as well as enhancing better collection for your practice.

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