Opting Science after 10th – things you should know

Science is one of the most mainstream courses and a very common choice among students in India after passing 10th standard. The subject combinations are divided into two branches – non-medical (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) and medical science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) streams. Choosing Science after 10th might seem the most sought after career option since it offers students a massive edge in pursuing careers in various fields including Engineering, Technology, Medicine etc.

There is a huge demand for science graduates in India. They can get jobs in research labs, education sector and government sector. There is much scope for them in the private sector as well as in IT sector. However, students must have genuine interest and curiosity to learn the subject. Students often take up Science out of peer pressure which can be challenging at times if the decision is rushed without investing much thought into it.

Choosing the right online science tutor

Finding a good Science tutor online is a difficult task. The multiple waves of the pandemic became a genuine cause of worry for students as schools were shut down unexpectedly and connecting with teachers also became difficult. Online Science tuition gained its momentum during this time for all the right reasons.

Many people prefer taking online classes because it allows them flexibility in scheduling class times and days during weekdays or weekends depending on their busy schedules. Teaching Science online is challenging as it is a highly practical based subject. The tutors need to engage students through power point presentations, online lab, interactive assignments etc. for better learning experience.

What’s your reason to choose Science?

Science is a career that you can choose for yourself. It is also about the passion and interest in science, which is not just about the money but also about how much you enjoy doing it.

The career prospects are really good as many big companies hire people with degrees in Science as well as engineers and programmers every year. So, if your dream job involves working at some of the best MNCs in the world where you get the chance to innovate every day, this may be the right choice for you! Even in Government sectors, there is high demand for skilled and dedicated engineers.


Choosing Science after 10th can open multiple internships and job opportunities for you. Though many consider that studying Science subjects are tougher than arts and commerce as science tend to be more technical and math-based. Though, keep in mind that toughness revolves around individual capabilities and capacities and hence can be subjective.


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