6 Amazing Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Live in County Sligo

Sligo is considered to be an exceptional place to live, and it’s a place in the shadow of the mountains that shows it. Maybe most of you already heard the “Magic Hill” which is one of those wonderfully odd places where a car will roll uphill if you turn off the engine. And that is something not everyone encounters on a daily basis. 

However, there’s more enchantment to Sligo than magnetic fields. It’s a location that’s soaked up in culture and music, and heavily influenced by the sea and coastal life. It combines the hustle and bustle of a great town with the remarkable natural beauty of a scenic coast, this little county really does provide the best of both worlds. This is why Sligo is one of the best picks for tourists and businesses alike. 

It’s a serious thing to pack up, bidding goodbye to your home and moving to a new place, whether it’s a 2-hour drive or a 2-hour plane journey. In this article, we will discuss amazing reasons to live in Sligo. 

Reason #1: World Class Waves

Sligo is located on the “Surf Coast” part of the Wild Atlantic Way but it’s been recognized as an Irish surfing playground for years. It’s famous for its world-class waves and surfers flock to Strandhill, Mullaghmore, Enniscrone, Pullaheeney Harbour and Easkey. 

This county is an ideal place for coastal walks, diving, sailing, fishing, horse riding, or a relaxing seaweed bath. You would love Ben Bulben which is Ireland’s most special mountain, creating part of the county’s hiking backbone. 

Enniscrone beach should also be on your list to visit in Sligo. It’s the epitome of coastal charm in Sligo that will let you enjoy a real seaside escape. 

Enniscrone Beach

Reason #2: Great Transportation 

Sligo is a transportation hub for the North West, has a rail, road and air infrastructure that causes the town to be easy access. It allures plenty of commuters from rural Sligo and beyond. A lot of people go into the town for work and Sligo is such easy access from Westport in Mayo, South Donegal, Roscommon, and other countries outside of Sligo. There are many people that live in Sligo and commute out from it. 

Reason #3: Fantastic Place for Family 

Sligo is one of the cheapest places to buy a property in Ireland with an average asking price for a property of €114,000. If it’s your dream to build your own house then Sligo is the ideal place to do it. You could get a house on an acre of land in rural areas for a similar price as a two-bed semi-detached house in Sligo Town. 

This town is equipped with educational facilities that provide extraordinarily primarily and secondary schools as well as two third-level colleges. Also, their local clubs cover sports including tennis, athletics, golf, water sports, and more. 

Reason #4: Arts, Culture, and Entertainment 

Living in Sligo is amazing since there is so much to engage and amuse you, that’ll help you feel lightened and revitalized. It’s a place for complete lifestyle and there’s something for everyone. You would find lovely shops, outstanding restaurants and our world-famous cultural heritage. 

Living in Sligo

Sligo is proud of having WB Yeats, a literary giant, and a native which tells a lot of how the town holds a special spot for arts. Sports is considered to be a way of life in Sligo and it gravitates tourists from all over the world to the beaches at Enniscrone, Strandhill, Streedagh, and Easkey. 

Reason #5: Career Opportunities 

The town provides a strong mix of international and local companies across a vast range of industries. Sligo has major employers such as IT Sligo, Philipps Medisize, Abbott Laboratories, and etc. People who live in Sligo and in the broader surrounding area. They even do job announcements which have resulted in giving the region a greater boost in recent months and brought the entire set of new jobs in the area. 

Reason #6: Amazing People 

The town is recognized for expanding a warm welcome to tourists as was encountered by up to 300,000 visitors during the victorious hosting of the Fleadh Ceoil in 2014 & 2015. 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is one of the writers for Ocean Sands, one of the leading seaside hotels in Sligo, Ireland providing remarkable Irish cuisine and breathtaking coastal views. She is also a content writer who researches and writes custom content about home improvements, travel, finance, law, fashion, health, and beauty. She graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. Ivandrea provides helpful tips and hacks on various topics for her readers. If she’s not in the mood to write, you can find her eating ice cream while listening to rap music.