3 Reasons You Should Invest In Security Guard Insurance

Security is a dangerous game. Whether patrolling properties to protect against arson, trespassers, vandalism, terrorism, and other sundry illegal activity, or standing static guard, monitoring CCTV and motion sensors, crime is never far off. Working in museums, galleries, factories, laboratories, and military bases, you are our first line of defense. You guard our products, computers, and defense secrets with your lives. Your work is massively important. Don’t short change yourself. You deserve the best Security Guard Insurance. Here are three reasons why you should invest in Security Guard Insurance coverage with XINSURANCE:

1. We know how often you must make split-second decisions, which can potentially place yourself, or your company, at risk of liability. For example, false arrest. Say you’re chasing down a perp, someone who has been spray-painting the walls at the facility of which you’re the custodian. Say you’ve seen the same person, in the same hoodie, around the facility when the spray-painting has occurred, and you detain them after a trend has been established. Their presence = spray-painting. They have a spray-can in their hoodie pocket. To you, the case is cut and dry. But they sue you for false arrest, and suddenly you have to prove that you had probable cause, that the arrest was legally justified, that you acted within the scope of your powers. In court, this issue can get pretty thorny. Your legal costs can mount. XINSURANCE can here to help you. Our Security Guard Insurance will defend your interests and protect your financial stability.

2. Let’s say something filmic happens – you let a truck into your facility, which, instead of containing a necessary shipment of hardware, houses a band of thieves. It’s rare, but, unfortunately, not rare enough to excuse you from potential liability. You could be held financially responsible for robbery. Take, for example, a recent case in which Kim Kardashian’s insurance company sued her former bodyguard (and his security firm) over $10 Million in stolen jewelry, alleging that “the security firm ‘negligently, carelessly, and/or recklessly performed their protection, security, monitoring, inspection, and/or surveying of’ Kardashian West and the private apartment where she was staying for Paris Fashion Week in October 2016.” XINSURANCE can employ a team of underwriters, claims managers, policy services staff, and risk managers who identify exclusions within coverage and offer solutions for specialty insurance protection, a second layer of protection, so that you’re not bled dry at court.

3. We know how often you face dangerous situations and how quickly these situations can escalate. Say you are dealing with someone out of control, someone you must detain by force. Maybe they’re throwing drinks around the premises of a club, maybe they’re picking fights. You have to eject them, but the patron is so drunk he can’t walk. You get him out of the building, but he falls down the stairs and breaks his arm. In this scenario, you might be liable for negligence because it could be argued that ejecting a patron in this manner was unreasonable – that you should have walked him down the stairs.

In addition to individual liability insurance, XINSURANCE supplies solutions to insureds in need, evaluating risk and providing coverage for new companies, startups, and companies with claims history or other financial issues. We provide coverage when others decline, in some cases actually saving businesses from bankruptcy and collapse. For companies girding up to slay dragons or struggling to find coverage (and/or a true insurance partner), XINSURANCE is here with a flexible all-in-one approach that extends the breadth and width of the United States, encompassing all 50 states, in which they offer over 700 different risk classes. They help provide the liability insurance that is essential to business operations. Let them guard your finances, while you guard our communities.

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