Zero Tolerance Knives: Folders You can Trust

Folding knives have come a long way in only a few decades. Instead of the small and simple slip joint knives that were once commonplace, many modern knife makers focus on producing pocket knives loaded with advanced features. If you are looking for a pocket knife that stands out from the crowd, then one of the folders from Zero Tolerance Knives might be the perfect choice.

Zero Tolerance or ZT Knives is a member of the Kai USA group, a knifemaking company that includes brands like Kershaw, Kai Shun, and Kai housewares. ZT is their brand that is dedicated to producing premium quality folding knives. Originally they focused on producing high quality combat knives for military and law enforcement officers, but trying to produce true innovation in fixed blade knives is like trying to redesign the wheel. This is because tactical knives are designed to be simple in order to prevent points of failure. Over the years, the team at Zero Tolerance have become one of the top names in folding knives due to their focus on innovation in folding knife technology and creating knives targeted towards a more general audience.

All you need to know about Zero Tolerance Knives can be found in their name. When knives and other common goods are manufactured, certain tolerances are put in place. These tolerances determine how far off the ideal a component can be without significantly interfering with the functionality of the knife. If you have ever had a folding knife with a loose blade or a sticky release, then you know just how much impact that large tolerances can have on a finished product. Zero Tolerance is a brand focused on increasing precision and reducing tolerances in order to produce the highest quality folding knives possible.

This focus on quality is what makes these knives so special. A ZT Knife might look like your average pocket knife, but when you hold it in your hand and experience the ultra smooth action first hand, it becomes apparent that you are dealing with high performance tools. That action is created by the precise machining of these knives combined with advanced bearing systems. These knives use a number of different features including commonplace frame locks as well as their unique sub-frame locking mechanism.

In addition to using advanced knife technologies, ZT Knives are also manufactured with high quality materials. The blades and bodies are constructed from materials such as 20CV, S30V, or S35VN blade steel. The handle scales on these knives are made from modern materials such as G10, titanium, and carbon-fiber.

ZT is truly second to none when it comes to producing folding knives that are built to perform. If you rely on a folding knife to perform important tasks in your day to day life, then one of these knives could be the perfect EDC options for you. Their folding knife selection includes models made by famous knife designers like Dmitry Sinkevich and Rick Hinderer. No matter which knife you go with, you will be pleased to have a ZT knife by your side.

If you are shopping for Zero Tolerance Knives, you can find plenty of great options when you visit The Knife Connection. Their online knife store contains a huge assortment of knives from folding knives to massive fixed blades. If you have any questions about their ZT Knives or any of the other knives that they carry, their team is always happy to help. Just send an email to [email protected] to speak with one of their knife experts.

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