Your Flat Roofing Maintenance Checklist (How to Make It Last)

Whether you’re looking to take care of an existing flat roofing system or want to install a new one, maintenance is necessary to ensure it lasts for many years.

Along with protecting your investment, preventative maintenance and prompt repairs keep the people and things within the building safe.

Want to maintain your flat roofing system? Read this blog with important information to get started.

A Must-Have Flat Roof Maintenance Checklist for Your Property

Use this flat roof maintenance checklist to ensure you’ve taken different aspects of the system into account that may create problems over time.

  1. Pooling Water

In the absence of a good drainage system, flat roofs are particularly susceptible to pooling water. This results in the roof becoming saturated with water from rain, hail, and snow. Left unchecked, it can cause leakage which leads to further structural damage both inside the building and within your roof. Over time, this can cause your roofing to fail completely.

Hence, you can actually start your roof inspection indoors. Check the walls and ceilings for stains, leaks, peeling paint, or drips. By doing this, you can understand whether the issue is being caused by your flat roofing system or a different issue.

  1. Blistering or Bubbling

When carrying out a flat roof inspection, keep an eye out for spongy or raised patches. They are most likely being caused by trapped moisture or air within the felt layer which is resulting in it separating from the roof. This can reduce the waterproofing properties of your flat roof and lead to interior damage within the property.

  1. Ridging

Ridging is typically seen on built-up roofs (BUR), as there are insulation joints present. This happens when moisture condenses under the felt layer and causes it to expand. The ridges typically appear as long narrow cracks that are usually caused when the roofing membrane isn’t attached properly. In case of excessive ridging, your flat roof may need to be replaced. Contact a flat roof maintenance company who can identify the problem and prevent it from becoming worse.

  1. Snow Removal

If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall, make sure should it does not accumulate on the roof. This can put your flat roofing system in danger of collapsing, especially if there are more than 12 inches.

In such situations, it’s best to have the snow removed as soon as possible. Be careful when clearing it as snow can be dangerous; exposure to the sun often turns it to ice which can lead to and slips, falls, and injury. This is why it’s best to hire professional contractors with the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done safely.

A vital step in taking good care of your roofing system is to invest in preventative maintenance. Hopefully, this checklist for your Oakville flat roofing system will ensure it stays in good form throughout the year. It will also help you avoid costly repairs and unnecessary replacements.

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