Your Complete Guide to Electric Motorcycles In 2021

Electric Vehicles are no more the subject of science fiction but a reality of today. It’s worth noting that E-vehicles are no longer new to the market, they first came to the market place in the late 1890s, but it has only been in the past 5-6 years that they have gained immense popularity.

The advent of electric motorcycles in the market during the 21st century has raised the bar to new levels. This mode of transport being eco-friendly has also been encouraged by governments across the globe. The UK government has been providing a 20% grant of the bikes value up to a limit of £1,500. Electric vehicle subsidies are also being offered by other governments. The combination of an environmentally friendly bike with sleek looks makes a personalized number plate idealfor your e-bike.

There is no doubt that e-motorcycles are gaining immense popularity in the market. A recent report suggests that electric motorcycles and electric scooters are in the third stage of development. In the year 2019, 61,629 sales were recorded.

You already have regular motorcycles, so why buy an electric motorcycle? Well, the benefits are countless. Please read further to find out the benefits.

Electric Motorcycle

Why Electric Motorcycles?

The benefits of using an electric motorcycle are countless. Apart from the environmental benefits, electric motors are highly efficient. With e-motors, there is no need for a clutch or a gearbox because the acceleration is handled directly by the electric motor with a variable speed controller. For racing fans, electric vehicles are taking the world of racing by storm. The world’s first electric motorcycle racing series- Moto-E World Cup, was organized in 2019, and there have been races for electric motorcycles at the Isle of Man TT races for a number of years.

The demand for efficiency and speed has made e-motorcycles incredibly versatile. Be it for professional racing or for urban commuting there are options out there. They are increasingly becoming part of the modern style of life. Like regular bikes, those that can exceed a speed of 15mph, need to be registered in the same way as regular bikes in accordance with the requirements of the UK legal system.

Are you tempted to buy a new Electric Motorcycle, but you are confused about which one to buy? Well, we have listed the top electric vehicles that you can purchase today.

Top E-Motorcycles That You can Buy



The company is based in California and incorporates advanced electric technology into traditional motorcycle frames. The company continues to expand its range of bikes and has the most extensive range of e-motorcycles. The e-motorcycle of the Zero series will undoubtedly look impressive with a private number plate. The mainstream models of the company are:


● SR/F



Energica have emerged as a strong competitor in the market for electric motors. The Ego of Energica became the first electric production bike to compete in the Isle of Man TT Zero race. There are three models available:

● Eva EsseEsse9

● Ego

● Eva Ribelle

The Energica are already in the aerospace and F1 industries and now, with their Ego and Eva series, have brought their expertise to the electric motorcycle sector. However, the series of motorcycles produced by Energica come at a price and can cost you around £20,000 depending on the model.

Super Soco

Super Soco claims to be the number one seller of electric motorcycles in the UK. The TSX series of the motorcycle costs around £3,748; however, compared to its other competitors, the body of this motorcycle is primarily made from plastic. The maximum speed of the TSX is limited to 28mph. Furthermore, it offers a max torque of 150 Nm.

The Super TC Max has received high praise and review, and the model costs around £5,311

Recently, the Super Soco CUX model has been launched, and it costs around £2,811


The American classic is the love of every American biker. Harley-Davidson has now launched its series of electric motorcycles in the market.

They have launched the Live-Wire model that costs around £24,618. The model stands apart from its other counterparts with its unique design and unique features. The motorcycle can go from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 3.5 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 120 mph. Like other signature Harley-Davidson series, this model of the heritage brand has a sleek and signature outlook. On a single charge, the bike can run up to a distance of 100 miles.

So, are you now ready to embrace the electric version of your most loved motorbike? Or, are you still thinking? You just need to visit your nearest showroom and check out the latest e-models of your favourite classic motorcycle brand. Having an e-electric bike will be your contribution to the environment whilst helping you to step into the future of Motorcycles. Make 2021 the year to buy an electric motorcycle and to have some fun.

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