You Can be the Victim of a Trash Truck Accident Too. Deal Smartly

Trash trucks are good to clean the city by carrying away the debris to the dump yard, but they possess a great risk to the residential streets. Trask trucks outweighing pedestrians, passenger cars, motorcyclist or bicyclists can cause deadly crashes. Trash or garbage trucks maneuver through the residential neighborhoods exposing them to more people. The behavior of these trucks is unpredictable as they move and stop frequently. If a truck lacks maintenance by a private contractor or a local government, safe moving may not be possible. As per a study, more people get killed by garbage trucks than any other truck.

A finding by ‘Right of Way’, a pedestrian advocacy group researched that at least six people are killed in trash truck wrecks per year in New York City alone. This particular nature of the trash trucks poses great danger for the sanitation workers who cling to the truck’s back when it moves. The drivers have limited visibility as they can see only through the side view mirrors. Many drivers don’t have the patience to wait for the signals coming from co-workers who are on the back of the vehicle before starting. It triggers jerky movements that throw off the workers.

Then, a crucial challenge with the garbage trucks is that many of them are not fitted with a backup camera that makes it more troublesome for the drivers to see the back of the truck. Incidents, where small children are run over by the garbage truck, are often. They are small and hence can’t be seen even from regular passenger cars without the help of the backup camera.

The large-sized trash trucks have big blind spots that come in the way of the views from the front and sides of them. Trash trucks are usually equipped with front and sidearms that provide the addition of an extra few feet around the truck blocking the driver’s sight directly in the front.

The trash truck driver can’t view:

  • The tailgate
  • At the rear of the driver’s window
  • To the cab’s right
  • Directly in the cab’s front

It is hard for the trash truck to keep the center of balance. They are top-heavy which makes it extremely vulnerable to roll over. Based on the cargo type, the truck can be hazardous or flammable.

The end is not here. The poor weather can be extensively dangerous for massive trucks. These trucks are difficult to slow down and brake in a short time due to their incredible heavyweight. Whenever you face a tragedy that is involved with a trash truck, don’t waste a single minute and rush to an experienced truck accident lawyer, of course, if you are in the condition to move by yourself stably. Only a specialized truck wreck attorney is the capable person to navigate you through the complicated world of personal injury, business litigation, and wrongful death litigation.

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You will get personal attention with integrity and hundred percent compassion, and receive maximum compensation for your damages.