Worlds Away: The Finest in Wholesale Console Tables and Other Furnishings

Worlds Away is the designer and furniture store owner’s resource for a variety of stylish items like a Wholesale Console Table and other fine furnishings. Our furniture is available in Mid Century Modern, Hollywood Regency, and Industrial Contemporary designs. These are some of the most popular styles today. Found in the finest hotels, bars, restaurants, and homes, these are the kind of designs that your clients will request again and again, so they’ll definitely be pleased when you show them your selection of retro chic home furniture from Worlds Away.

When you work with Worlds Away, you’ll receive incredible service and you’ll have an online connection to the very best collection of wholesale furniture around. If it’s a wholesale console table that you’re looking for, you’ll find on our site a wide array of the kind of styles that you need to stock your store or for those demanding design jobs. You see, we know that the console table is a necessity in the home or business. That’s because it’s got a sleek and simple design that looks good in any room and it’s a space saving storage solution that can be used to keep cable boxes, vases, and knick-knacks tidy.

We’d like you to know that we use only the finest materials and finishes when we craft these console tables and everything else that we make. Our table designs include so many different varieties so you can be sure that there’s definitely something on our site that will complement any interior, whether the design is traditional or contemporary. Some versions of the console table we have in our inventory are constructed from antique brass and come topped in black and white marble or distressed wood, while still others are durably made from iron, crafted in compelling contrasts of black and white resin, or made from polished and beautiful cerused oak, and so much more.

Furthermore, we feature some designs that we delicately and carefully coat in gold and silver leaf, while many of our wood console tables are coated in black or white lacquer. The addition of these finishes to these subtle yet sophisticated designs elevates the look, making these pieces a must in upscale settings. Tiers, beveled glass shelving, and drawers with beautiful brass hardware complete the design of many of our console tables, which means more style and so much more storage options. We really do have a unique and exquisite selection. So why not come visit our website and see for yourself? We can assure you that you will never be disappointed with our selection.

Besides console tables, you should search when you want to find cabinets, buffets, media consoles, dressers, chests, studio and dorm furniture, lighting and shades, seating, headboards, side and occasional tables, trays and containers, decorative objects, wall art, and just about every kind of furniture that your clients might want or need for any room in their residence or business, whether it’s a suite, lounge, lobby, bedroom, den, entertaining space, or dining room.

You really will find what you need at Worlds Away. We have an incredible selection of incredibly sleek and stylish designs, and we can certainly say that it doesn’t get more sleek, simple or stylish than the wide assortment of wholesale console tables that we have in our collection. So no matter what type of interior design business you’re involved in, from furniture retail to home decor, and so much more, we’ve got everything your design project needs. So don’t wait, you just have to visit us online and check out Worlds Away now.

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