Working From Home During The Pandemic And How Mac To Life’s Flexible IT Support Packages Can Make It Easier

2020 is behind us and 2021 promises to be a much better year for all of us. We are still, however, dealing with the pandemic and lockdowns, both of which are affecting the way we work. With the success of work from home measures last year, more and more businesses are choosing to let their employees stay home and work from remote offices. These impromptu offices can be just about anywhere in the house from the dining room table to the bedroom or the garage. As long as you have your computer, a good internet connection, and access to your work files, you have everything you need. Or do you?

One problem that many people have encountered while working from home is that their computer or laptop is not really capable of the regular amount of use it is now getting. Bogging them down with large files, spreadsheets, and video chat apps will eventually cause them to become overworked and they will eventually shut down. This typically happens when you are in the middle of a large project and you need your system back online fast.

You can’t call the office IT guy to come over to your desk because you aren’t at the office. Chances are, you are sitting at your desk in your pyjamas anyway. So, what do you do when your computer decides to act up? You call Mac To Life.

Get Your Mac Or PC Repaired Fast

Mac To Life’s flexible IT support packages were designed with your needs in mind. Just give Mac To Life a call and a computer repair expert will be dispatched to your home to diagnose and repair your computer so you can get back to work.

When your Mac or PC needs repair, you can now get expert service and support in your home from the IT experts at Mac to Life. Mac To Life offers fast and affordable in home tech support for your Mac or PC.  And with Mac to Life’s subscription tech support plans for home, you can get your Mac or PC repaired fast and maintained properly.

Mac to Life offers two subscription home tech support plans:

Essentials Plan

  • Covers For Up To 5 Macs or Windows PC’s
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • 20% Off Mac/Device Repairs
  • 20% Off Onsite Callout
  • Cost Is Only £35 Per Month

Complete Plan

  • Cover For Up To 5 Macs or Windows PC’s including Tablets Phones Cover for Connected Home Devices (Sonos, Smart TV, Wi-Fi access points, etc.)
  • 1 Onsite Callout Per Month
  • Quarterly Systems Health Check
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Unlimited Telephone Support
  • 25% Off Mac/Device Repairs
  • Cost Is Only £49.95 Per Month

Whichever plan you choose, sign-up is simple and quick, coverage is instant, and you can cancel your subscription plan at any time.

Contact Mac To Life

To learn more, contact Mac To Life today and speak with an expert who can assist you and answer any questions you might have and repair your iPhone making it work like new again.

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