Wondering How to Dress up Your Water Feature: Follow These Easy Tips


Do you have a huge yard in your house? Are you done with the landscaping but still not satisfied with the look? Is there something missing? If the answer to all the questions is yes, then consider adding a water element in your front or backyard. While a fountain will work a natural humidifier, a birdbath will greet birds, dragonflies and other wildlife creatures to your garden, and thus make your landscape an oasis.

Are you wondering from where to buy it? Well, there are several companies that offer water features Sydney, Melbourne and the surrounding areas. However, only adding a water element cannot enhance your landscape until you decorate it in the most beautiful way possible. To help you, here we have listed down a few ways that you can follow to decorate your water element and make it stand out a bit more.

  1. Surround it

Creating a decorative bed around your water element is one of the easiest ways to embellish it. Based on the style and design of your water feature including birdbath, small pond or fountain and the rest of the yard, you can different types of materials to surround the base. If you prefer a rustic or modern landscape, then add stone to accent the fountain. You can try gravel or river stones based on how textured a look you prefer. In order to keep your chosen base material from spilling into the rest of the yard, use edging to create a border around the water element. Concrete, pavers, stone, plastic or metal edge all work well to keep the seashells or stones in place around the fountain.

  1. Add hue

If your stone or concrete fountain is looking dull, then add colour to fresh it up. If you have a modern concrete fountain, then you can add colour to it. Choose a bright shade and use it to paint the entire fountain base or just the rim for a more subtle look. In order to ensure that the paint should hold up the elements, use a concrete-binding primer, as well as masonry paint. Moreover, you can line the entire rim of the fountain with Spanish tile in a bold colour or detailed pattern for a stunning look.

  1. Pair with greenery

Pairing your fountain with plants helps to enhance its beauty. If you have a wall fountain then use climbing vines and flowers to grow over the wall around the water element. You can also use other climbing vines that produce coloured flowers to make the fountain look beautiful. With a freestanding fountain, planting groundcover around the base can help draw the eye. You can also use aquatic plants inside the fountain or pond to decorate it. Moreover, you can use floating leaves and flowers, which add soft colour to your water element for a romantic look.

  1. Float ornaments

If you are happy with the way the base of your fountain look but still want to do something more, then consider decorating the water itself. You can add floating ornament in the water to draw attention to the water feature in a subtle way. Japanese fishing net floats are one option with their coloured glass, which reflects the light for a subtle effect. For special occasions, floating tea lights can turn your fountain into a conversation piece.

These are some of the easy but effective ways you can decorate your water features. So, follow these and get a quality element, opt for a reputable company today.

Author bio: Arthur Davis, a popular blogger on landscaping and water features Sydney, here writes on a few tips that you can follow for decorating your water features.