Women in the Chimney Sweeping Industry: The evolution

In today’s scenario, the image of the chimney sweep has changed from the earlier days. Now, more hi-tech ways are applied for cleaning chimneys. Women are choosing their career as professional chimney sweeps and are enjoying the job.

As per the Guild of Master Chimney sweeps, there are presently approximately 18 female members that represent around 4% of the entire membership. In the year 2010, just 3 registered female chimney sweeps were present in Britain.

Woman Chimney Sweep

The reason women were accepting the job of chimney sweep:

As per the women chimney sweeps, they really enjoy what they are doing. During the peak season, they take up extra appointments to earn additional bucks. Even, the women are physically fit and capable of climbing up on the roof and do the task.

The modern customers are well receiving the female chimney sweeps though it’s not a regular view. These women sweeps are properly trained, licensed and come at the job site equipped with the latest tools.

They are very confident at what they do and very sincere and respectful towards the task and the clients. Many women are setting up their own chimney sweeping business and running successfully.

When interviewed a woman chimney sweep, she smiled and said that she didn’t found any old hip flasks and gold rings as in the older days, servants used to hide these stuff in the chimney.

In fact, there was a superstition surrounding the chimneys in the older days. People who used to believe in spirits put clothes or shoes inside the chimney for banishing the evil spirits.

Even now, when people see a woman chimney sweep, they tend to think that she will turn up with an age-old broom with a brush fitted on one end.

The professional ladies come with a camera and testing tools.

The women are doing a lot of research and study before opting for the chimney sweeping profession. Some are even spending days with chimney sweeps to feel what is really meant to be a chimney sweeper. They are receiving training from the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

As per a female sweeper, there is no bd response from the clients about the efficiency of the female workers. Though chimney sweeping job is male-dominated, yet people are happy with women working flawlessly.

The task is physically demanding, but women are not afraid to take the challenge. They are setting new benchmarks and shaping their own schedule as per their aptitude.

The 21st-century women chimney sweeps also educate their clients about the efficiency of the fuel for decreasing poisonous emissions. Many family-owned chimney sweeping businesses are emerging, in which females are taking an active part.

The brave and determined women fought and won:

Women are fighting for progress through several centuries to gain the rights of voting, getting higher education and equal status in society. In early ages, it is almost impossible for a woman to get a proper education and become a doctor or engineer. But, women have made their mark by winning in all spheres. Still, there is persistent inequality in the salary quotient of men and women, and women as getting less for doing the same amount of work being in the same designation in several occupations.

Among various professions, one profession is always been dominated and fully populated by the males, and that is chimney sweeping. It was regarded as a dirty job and impractical for pursuit or women. But now, there is no topping for the women n females have fought to earn the respect of being accepted in the profession they choose to pursue. Gradually, women are entering the industry of chimney sweeping and presently, there are many female chimney sweeps around the world.

The sweep services include:

  • Visual inspection of the stack and the chimney pot
  • Complete brushing and vacuuming of the chimney
  • Test for smoke and updraft for making sure that the fumes are leaving the home properly and exiting through the right pot
  • Certificate after completion of the sweeping
  • Cleaning of the area after the work

The women sweeps are fully insured for cleaning all kinds of stoves burning, open ire, oi, gas, wood, and coal.

The chimney must be swept:

  • Once a year for smokeless coal
  • Once a season for wood
  • Once a year for bituminous coal
  • Once a year for gas
  • Once a year for oil

Hence, whenever you experience a problem with any chimney problem, don’t hesitate to call a woman chimney sweep for the flawless clean fireplace and chimney.