Winter Tire Myths Revealed

True or false– your automobile is only like the tires it rests on? While you may have your viewpoint on this, Limitless tire thinks that tires are a vital part of your car’s safety and security, handling as well as performance.


Tire makers in addition to associations like Transportation Canada and the Rubber Organization of Canada, are functioning to increase awareness of the value of Cheap winter tires Mississauga as well as resolving some usual tire myths.


The greatest tire myth is that they are a low-tech commodity,” clarifies Canadian tire experts. “The fact is that developments in modern tire technology have actually enhanced the quality and also the efficiency of today’s tires. A couple of individuals seem to realize the extra safety obtained from setting up four winter season tires on their cars.”


The following is the first instance of a usual wintertime tire misconception.

Natural Gas Vehicles

Misconception: All-season tires are so excellent that wintertime tires are never needed.


Truth: In some parts of the globe, where temperatures and also snowfalls are moderate, this might hold. Yet this is Canada– our winter season weather condition is uncertain and can be extreme. Ask any person from Halifax who sustained the city’s record snowfalls last wintertime.


The reality is that severe winter months’ problems can appear anywhere in Canada, and also, when they do, the grip and added safety supplied by winter season tires cannot be defeated. Winter tires preponderate in backwoods where snow can continue to be when travelling for extensive periods. They offer 25 percent enhanced traction over all-season tires.


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