Why You Should Get An On The Go Water Softener

When you are using your RV, you have to take the water you get through your campsite’s utility hookups. Sometimes this water will contain elevated levels of certain substances. High concentrations of mineral ions like magnesium and calcium will result in what is known as hard water. Exposure to hard water can cause build-ups and damage your RV’s water system. It can also make your skin and hair too dry, but there is a solution for hard water. Installing an On The Go Water Softener system can help soften your water and greatly improve your RV camping experience.

To understand why you need a water softener, you need to understand exactly what water hardness is and its effects. When water naturally percolates through materials like limestone, gypsum, and chalk, it absorbs many of the minerals contained in these substances. The majority of these absorbed mineral salts will be calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates, and sulfates. These salts react with soap, causing solids known as soap scum to form instead of producing the usual foaming lather. They can also build up inside your water system, causing an effect known as “scaling” that can clog and damage your water system and appliances.

If you want to reduce the hardness of your water, you need to install a water softener into your RV’s water system. In order to soften your water, these systems contain small beads of resin. These resin beads are made of a specialized substance known as ion exchange resin. Each bead basically contains an excess of sodium ions. When these beads are introduced to a solution with low sodium, but high calcium and magnesium, the sodium cations leave the resin beads and bond with the anions of the calcium and magnesium salts. The free calcium and magnesium cations then bond with the resins.

This means that when calcium and magnesium mineral salts enter your softener, only sodium mineral salts will leave the system. These sodium salts do not inhibit the function of soaps or have the same scale building effects as calcium and magnesium salts.

Drinking hard water is not dangerous, but there are many reasons to avoid it. Hard water requires you to use more soap to get the same results. Clothing washed in hard water will often feel scratchy and stiff. Hard water can also leave a film like residue on your hair and skin. Scaling can cause your appliances to become less efficient over time, and long term exposure to hard water can cause appliance failure. Adding an On The Go Water Softener is a simple way to avoid all of these issues.

Once you have installed your system, you will have to occasionally regenerate the system, usually after a few weeks. This is a process where a high sodium solution, water saturated with table salt will do the trick, is introduced to the resin chamber, flushing away the calcium and magnesium and recharging your resin beads with sodium so the system remains effective. Aside from that, all you need to do is occasionally make sure the tank is not clogged if you notice poor water flow and continue to enjoy your softened water.

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