Why You Should Choose a Tension Fabric Backdrop

At trade shows, it’s all about appearance. You want something that can help to attract attention and stand out among a crowd. Sometimes the best way to do this is to have a colorful backdrop that showcases your business information and branding in a way that makes it very prominent and bold.

You need to choose a Tension Fabric Backdrop that looks neat and sophisticated and can really give you the presence you want in a professional way. You want a backdrop that fits behind you neatly and is the perfect size so that there is no excess fabric laying on the floor or a backdrop that is too short and doesn’t cover the dimensions of the wall.

Here is why you should choose a tension fabric backdrop when you are choosing your trade show supplies.

Fits Like a Frame – The best displays at a trade show are ones that look polished and well put together. That’s what you get with a tension fabric frame. It fits the display like a frame, being sized properly to fit the dimensions of your backdrop and giving off a wall-like appearance when correctly positions. This is from the tension of the fabric across the display, giving it a smooth exterior that demonstrates a perfect fit.

No Seams – There are backdrops you may see that are a bunch of pieces of fabric put together. This leaves seams throughout the display. With a tension fabric display, you get one piece of stretch fabric that is designed to fit perfectly across the backdrop. Since it is one piece, there are never any seams showing, even if it measures out at sizes of as much as 40 to 50 feet.

Complete Graphic Coverage – Since your backdrop is fabric, you can get graphics printed or any customization added across the entire length and width of the fabric backdrop, top to bottom, side to side. It allows you to completely utilize the space available to you on your backdrop and get your information and branding across to your audience even better than before.

No Glare – With fabric trade show displays, you don’t get any shine or glare from lighting that may be around your display or even part of your presentation. There are other backdrops, like those made from vinyl, that can have a glossy sheen to them which can leave glares when in the wrong lighting or in photographs.

Light and Easy to Transport – Your goal with trade shows is to be able to get around to as many as you can to promote your message. So your materials need to be able to withstand the elements of traveling, the wear and tear that can happen from going to so many places and should be easy to move from one place to another. Tension fabric is lightweight and can be easily folded to be shipped or transported wherever you need to be for your next trade show.

Now that you know some of the benefits of adding a tension fabric backdrop to your display, turn to Trade Show Plus to get exactly what you need. There are so many options when it comes to backdrops — the size, the colors, the custom graphics. Trade Show Plus can handle it all with many sizes and colors available for you to purchase and a custom graphic studio that can allow for customized printing on virtually any item available in stock.

So make your purchase now and get your supplies ready for your next trade show appearance and start to see the results you get when you go to a trade show accompanied by a professional presentation and materials.

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