Why You Need Restaurant Bib Aprons

There are many different types of workers at a restaurant and they all need to be equipped with the proper uniform. This usually includes an apron of some kind. For some employees, a simple waist apron will be enough. But there are many types of aprons available and each serves a purpose.

We will look at these different types of aprons and why you need to have Restaurant Bib Aprons for your employees.

Bib Aprons – Restaurant bib aprons are also known as chef aprons and they have a classic style that is very familiar to any restaurant kitchen. These aprons provide complete coverage from the chest to the top of the legs to protect clothes from spills, which is why you usually see anyone who works in the kitchen wearing one. These are often a popular pick for restaurants that have open kitchens where you can see the workers or for places like diners and family delis where a more classic look is preferred.

Bistro Aprons – A long apron that ties around the waist and covers down to the knees is a common choice for tableside employees. You will see waiters and waitresses use these because they have front pockets for holding pens and notepads and other small restaurant supplies. In the kitchen, a head chef may wear this to still cover up clothing while not covering a chef jacket. These aprons provide an elegant look and are long enough to provide great clothing coverage to serve as a sophisticated uniform choice.

Waist Aprons – A waist apron is as it sounds. It ties around the waist and usually has similar coverage to the bottom of a bib apron, shorter than bistro aprons. It allows for the same capabilities as the bistro apron while providing more comfort for easier movement for servers and waiters. You will typically see these aprons as a common choice for more casual dining locations.

Now that you know the different types of aprons, you can see why restaurant bib aprons are a top choice for places that want to have a good uniform, promote professional appearance and have a classic look. With this information in mind, here are a few of the things to consider when you choose aprons for your restaurant.

When you choose aprons for your restaurant, the first thing you want to consider is that they match your decor. What is the theme of your restaurant? Is it something more formal or more casual? Get aprons that reflect whatever that style is.

Once you know the theme and style you are going for, you want to get enough so that every employee can have an apron that represents the business. If you have an existing uniform that is getting the addition of an apron, make sure it fits the uniform design you already have. You wouldn’t want to choose an apron that covers up a t-shirt that has your logo on it. Similarly, if you are wearing something more formal and want the perfect complimentary piece, you may go with something that fits the formal nature of the restaurant.

If you have the ability, customize your aprons to include things like your logo or business name or even the names of your employees. That kind of personal touch goes a long way when you are running a restaurant.

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