Why You Need A Contractor Liability Insurance Quote

Business owners have a lot of things to consider when they start operations. The same goes for independent contractors, who can always become liable for any damages that occur as they perform their work.

As a result, having an independent contractor liability insurance policy is essential. There are several reasons you need to get a Contractor Liability Insurance Quote and coverage to protect from various scenarios on the job.

A liability insurance policy helps protect you and your business. Just like a small business, an independent contractor is still under the same legal obligations and liability threats. If a client’s property is damaged or if injuries happen on the job site, you can be subject to a lawsuit. If you are not covered, you will have to pay for court fees and damages and that comes directly out of pocket. A general liability plan helps to cover legal fees and damages that can result from a lawsuit.

Additionally, the clients you have will want you to have a policy as well. In some cases, clients may require it before they sign a contract. But even if it is not a requirement, it certainly helps build trust with you as a contractor, since they could be held responsible for any wrongdoings that occur on the worksite or are a direct result of your work.

In certain industries, like construction, you are required to carry a general liability policy before you complete any work. Every industry has its own risks. It can be the best operation to protect both you and your clients and have both have their own policy to ensure coverage from all sides.

There are two ways you can get a general liability insurance policy. You can be added to your clients’ general liability policy as an additional insured if they have one, which will cover you through the duration of the job or longer. However, this can be more expensive and you should look into your own plan so you can be covered for every job. Having your own policy allows you to have proof of insurance on you at all times. You should start searching for a contractor liability insurance quote from a company that can keep you covered against incidents that may happen on the job site, including bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury.

It is very common to have lawsuits brought against independent contractors. There are over 10 million workers in the United States that classify as contractors. It is why more contractors are starting to explore the possibilities of general liability coverage so they are protected for any incidents that happen during the duration of their work.

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XINSURANCE helps both businesses and individuals who may struggle to get the coverage they need from traditional carriers. If you have been denied or had coverage canceled, XINSURANCE can be of assistance.

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