Why to Buy Wood Burning Fireplaces from Embers Living

With so many options in fuels for modern fireplaces, from gas to propane, and even to electric, some might wonder why wood burning fireplaces and stoves still hold such allure and sell so well. After all, building, managing and feeding a wood burning fireplace is a downright skill, one that must be learned and honed. There’s no other way to put it. Not to mention the fuel itself, which must be ported and split before being fed. Then, after the fire has worn itself of life, there is the maintenance on wood fireplaces, which reaches so much farther than simply sweeping out ashes.

It sounds obvious, then, that with gas and electric models that can be turned on and off with the press of a button, require virtually no maintenance, and can even often be customized right down to flame height and color, that no one would tolerate the time investments necessary to operate a wood burning fireplace or stove. Yet this is far from the truth, and for many reasons, people time and time again choose to Buy Wood Burning Fireplaces.

The first is practicality. A gas fireplace can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch, but anyone who has ever even stood near a blazing oak fire or a live bed of coals knows that it isn’t just hot – sometimes it displaces you. Convenient as they are, there’s no substitute for a real wood fire in terms of heat, even though it requires such attention to build a proper fire. Add to this the fact that wood fireplaces are no longer simply holes in the wall. Today there are models that can control oxygen feed for ridiculous efficiency and models that incorporate heat activated blowers for maximum heat distribution. With the proper equipment and foresight, one can still today very easily and economically heat a home with wood heat, even in cold climates. To add to this functionality, there are some who even use a wood stove to add humidity to their dry winter air with the help of a kettle, and yet some that cook on the stovetop.

In addition to the functionality of a wood burning fireplace, there is the ambience and the character that it will add to a living space. The hearth is the seat of the home, and there is no substitute for a wood burning fireplace when it is carefully incorporated into the design of a space. The fireplace will add a gentle light that is difficult to simulate. It will lend a subtle ambience of acoustic crackling and spitting. Finally, when it has expired, for long after the memory of its life will linger in the gentle overtones of woodsmoke that it will lend but never impose on a space.

For their unparalleled practicality and the number intangible pleasantries they bring in their wake, people buy wood burning fireplaces still. When you’re looking for one yourself, there’s only one place where you will get the best and only the best the industry has the offer, and that is at Embers Living. Embers Living carries the finest, most efficient, and most attractive models from Astria, Majestic, Napoleon, Osburn, Regency, Superior and more. These models range from the most basic open fireplaces with grand frontage to the highest tech stoves and inserts that are available today, giving an impressive efficiency that the first generations of wood burning fireplaces never knew. When you trust in Embers Living, you will get only the finest models around, because Embers Living has made its name amongst the highest quality of wares. To see what they have in store and peruse options for a wood burning fireplace to enhance your quarters or for incorporation into a design, head to www.blazingembers.com.

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