Why Shop Duracable for a Plumbing Drain Snake?

You make your living clearing drains. That means quite a few things. It means you need to know the capabilities of your equipment as well as their limits. It means you need to understand the nature of plumbing and pipes and the qualities owned by different classes and styles of drain cables. Most of all it means you need to work long, hard hours – so the least you can expect is that your equipment will work long, hard hours right by your side. Therefore, to answer the question ‘Why should you shop for a Plumbing Drain Snake from Duracable?” we should first answer the question “What does a plumbing drain snake have to do?”

That’s relatively easy to answer but it will also entail a lot of information. Drain snakes have to be flexible enough to bend with a drainpipe and handle the forces exerted on them by a drum auger or drain auger along with any other cleaning tools. Therefore they must not simply be flexible, they must be hard and strong while able to maintain the proper temper to flex without breaking. Drain snakes need to be able to handle the forces exerted on them and their fixtures by anything clogged drains might throw at them – and that could mean anything as simple as domestic tissue or as absurd as tree roots. Whatever drain cleaning tool you pair with your drain snake will surely require a degree of strength from the drain snake as well, and on top of it all are the conditions in which these pieces of equipment operate. Even a simple sink drain will have a drain snake under pressure and working under the constant influence of grease and water. An industrial drain, well, that’s going to offer grease, water, and strain along with the potential for extremes of temperature. So, in a nutshell, that’s a lot of what, but far from everything, a drain snake is up against during a regular day at work.

That being said, why should you get your plumbing drain snakes from Duracable? Well, Duracable offers some of the toughest drain cleaning snakes and equipment money can buy, bar none. Made in house, Duracable brings you drain cleaning cables that are strong, hard and flexible to put up with anything you’ll be able to throw at them. Every batch of cable manufactured goes up against multiple points of inspection at Duracable and if at any point they fail any point of quality it’s lights out for that entire batch. No repurposing or salvaging. Good enough just isn’t good enough at Duracable, which means a drain snake from them is going to be of exemplary quality.

There’s also the fact that the drain cables at Duracable don’t just come in standard lengths and sizes up to ¾ inch and 150 feet, respectively. Duracable also offers custom jobs for the situations you’ll face where the standard just won’t do. It also doesn’t hurt that the cables at Duracable are shipped in proprietary containers designed to minimize the risk of damage during transport.

Then there’s the fact that Duracable’s product is guaranteed for 30 days on the job, which in drain cleaning years is plenty of time to test the mettle of a drain snake. True colors will show long before then when tried against a drain or toilet clogged. If that’s not enough reason to find your next drain snake at Duracable.com then perhaps you would do well to know that Duracable is also a source for drain cleaning machines, drain cleaning products and camera inspection equipment of the highest caliber, so check out Duracable.com and knock a few items off the to-do list.

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