Why Open Space & Amenities Are Important in a Residential Complex

Following a steep shrink of outdoor spaces in the urban areas, a lot of importance is attached to the availability of open place and other amenities in the modern residential projects. In fact, the availability of open space itself is a major decision making factor for the potential homebuyers in the current scenario. Keeping pace with this growing trend, most of the residential projects of late are coming up with sprawling lawns and landscaped gardens. Today, homebuyers are more concerned about the quality of the living space.

Is This an Emerging Trend?

Just a few years back, the major deciding factor of buying a home was the area of living units. In the span of not more than ten years, the focus is shifted towards the amenities and convenience that can actually influence the quality of living. While a group of experts have linked this changing trend to the sheer inspiration from the western lifestyle, we simply can’t ignore that over the past few years we have evolved a lot. Today, when the increasing work pressure simply bogs us down, we seek a sanctuary of comfort after a hectic day. That’s one of the key reasons why so much of importance is given to the availability of convenience facilities. Over the past few years, this has picked up in its intensity as buyers are considering these parameters as mandatory requirements for their purchase. Recently, one of my friends has purchased an affordable flat in Madhyamgram, which offers top-notch facilities along with adequate open space.

Importance of Open Space and Other Convenience Amenities in a Residential Complex

While in metropolitan cities the availability of the open green space is a luxury, it is not in the city outskirts. Quite obviously the suburbs are attracting quite a good deal of investments. Even in projects within the city, many developers are trying to come up with open areas in the form of rooftop gardens, podium parking, and sky gardens and so on.

Green spaces or open spaces in projects are essential nowadays as these areas allow the residents to partake in various outdoor activities such as playing sports, walking or relaxing after a long working day. Moreover open spaces allow fresh air to flow, which is otherwise impossible in the congested areas of the city.

With a plethora of amenities like clubhouse, swimming pool, gym & activity center right within the complex, people are getting enough to lead a convenient life. With a mix of different amenities designed specifically to cater everyone, both the adults and kids are getting their kind of convenience. Kids have their designated play area, while the adults are also having pools, gymnasiums, clubhouse to put good use to their time. There is something for everyone in a modern residential complex.

The Important Takeaway

As mentioned earlier, focus is now shifted towards the development of quality living space, so that the residents can get a comfortable refuge. As the urban life demands extended working hours, most of the time, we find ourselves time-constrained. Today, we can hardly manage several hours to devote solely in leisure & recreation. However, with modern complexes having all sorts of recreational amenities right within its premises, it’s become easier for the residents to manage the social and leisure requirements without spending much of his time. No doubt, such a facility is becoming one of the decisive ways a property can distinguish itself from competition.