Why LED Candles Are Becoming More Popular Than Traditional Wax Candles?

Spring is here and as we know – it’s the season of love. And candle lights have an important role to play to set up a romantic ambiance. Candle lights are also highly visible in wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations and all kinds of events for decorating purpose. If you worry about safety issues involved, especially if you have young children or pets running around which may knock them over, LED candles can be your savior. Looking as good as the real thing, LED candles are becoming increasingly popular in India for their easy and versatile functionality.

The other reasons behind the popularity of these candles may include:

  1. An eco-friendly lighting option:

With “Go Green” becoming the norm, LED candles are eco-friendly lighting solutions as they don’t involve burning anything. Wax candles, when burn down, are of no use and they are thrown away that add to waste disposal costs. In fact, burning candles fill the air with smoke particles which is neither good for environment nor human health. LEDs produce no heat, flame or smoke, eliminating the possibility of fire or injury.

  1. Better longevity:

LED candles last much longer than wax or fuel-powered candles. Wax candle running out in the middle of the meal while enjoying a romantic candle light dinner is very frustrating. Standard quality LED candles can last up to 25000 hours, so it is a good investment too. Look for quality LED candle lights online here.

  1. Greater control:

While traditional candles offer no other choice of illumination, LED offers greater control of light. These lights are quite versatile and can be used in multiple light fittings. They can be placed in chandeliers and luminaires to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. LED candles can be used as mood lighting and help to create a cozy look and feel.

  1. No Health hazards:

No harmful chemicals or toxins are disbursed with LED candles. If you feel uncomfortable sleeping in dark, place it in your bedroom for a mild yet pleasant illumination without having to worry about any negative impact on your health. Traditional wax candles generally release a fragrant scent when in use. However, people with allergies may have problem with that. LED candles can be a great alternative to that as they do not burn and give off unwanted fragrance.