Why Invest in Remote Control Shades?

Window treatments are an essential element of a home. Everyone wishes to have hassle-free window treatments. Manually opening and closing window treatments take time. Modern remote control shades have helped ease this problem. Motorization in shades offers both style and convenience. Now, you can operate multiple window treatments at once by simply giving a command or by scheduling them to adjust automatically.

Advantages of Having Remote Control Shades at Home

They Reduce Energy Bills

A good amount of air often escapes a room through the windows. Now, automated window treatments can move up and down on their own during peak hours of the day, thereby restoring cool air inside the house during the warm months. This reduces energy dependence. Remote control shades can also be connected to sunlight and temperature sensors. This will help them to sense the heat outside and lower automatically to prevent further heating of the room. Thus, there will be less need for turning on the air conditioner and wasting money.

They Save Energy in Cold and Hot Weather

Remote control shades insulate the home for cold as well as hoy weather. Automated horizontal shades keep thermal heat at bay by diffusing and reflecting sunlight on the light-colored ceilings. Similarly, motorized solar shades prevent thermal heat from entering the room while giving the benefit of taking in outside views. Again, there are motorized honeycomb shades, layered shades and heavy drapes which can trap warm air during winter months. Thus, there are different styles of window treatments for each season that can be operated by a remote control. One should select window coverings according to the need of the season and one’s preference.

They Enhance the Aesthetic Beauty of Home

Some people think that remote control shades will ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home. However, there are varieties of stylish motorized shades and blinds that can complement a home décor perfectly. Experts can advise on the kind, style, color and materials of these shades and blinds that will rightly fit your home’s interior décor.
Therefore, remote control shades are perfect solutions for any home! However, before installing them, one should consult an expert about the choice of the shade and their installation. Trusted companies can guide you in the right direction and beautify a home with automated shades.

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