Why Invest in Remote Control Shades and Blinds?

Window shades are an essential decorative element of a house. They enhance the beauty of a home in the most elegant way. However, manually opening and closing the shades all throughout the day, especially of big windows or the hard-to-reach ones, is really troublesome and a complete waste of time. There is a more convenient way of operating these shades. Remote control shades and blinds offer an easy solution to operating these window treatments. You can open and close multiple windows at once or can even schedule window treatments to operate automatically.

There are many benefits of investing in remote control shades.

  • Reduces Energy Usage

Remote control shades are designed to help you save on energy bills. Did you know that around 30% of cool air moves out of the window in a house if there are no proactive measures in place? Automated window shades can close and open on their own during the peak hours of the day thereby trapping a considerable amount of cool air inside during the warmer months. This, in turn, reduces the dependence on energy use. The motorized window coverings can be connected with sunlight and temperature sensors. This enables window treatments to sense when a house becomes hot and so they automatically lower to protect the home from further heating up.

  • Saves Energy during Cold and Warm Weather

Remote control shades help to keep a house insulated in both cold and warm weather. Motorized horizontal blinds keep out thermal heat by diffusing and reflecting sunlight on the ceilings. Motorized solar shades keep thermal heat out while providing outdoor views. However, this is not ideal for trapping warm air if a house owner wants to do so. Therefore, a homeowner should select their window treatment according to their preference.

  • Enhances Aesthetic Value of a Home

Some people hesitate to install motorized window treatments because they think that it will ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home. This is not at all the case. There are varied styles of window coverings that perfectly complement home décor. There are remote control shades and blinds befitting the taste and decorative style of every home. Reputed companies now have diverse stylish window treatments that not only enhance the beauty of a home but also save energy. With a plethora of colors, patterns and materials, a person is sure to find a perfect solution for their home.

So, if you wish to install remote control shades, make sure to seek a trusted expert in your local area.

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