Why drivers are infatuated with Tesla cars

Tesla makes excellent cars and offers a great ownership experience. Read on to discover why drivers are infatuated with this innovative, iconic and impressive car manufacturer.

In an astoundingly competitive industry, Tesla drivers are rated the happiest with their vehicles. According to annual consumer reports, an Owner Satisfaction Survey placed Tesla at number one for driver satisfaction. And the report came with an impressive 91 percent of owners claiming that they would buy a Tesla car again if given the choice.

During practice, this proves that once a driver owns a Tesla, they are extremely unlikely to be tempted to buy another car. In fact, the Tesla Model 3 had over 373,000 pre-orders before it hit the market. So why are drivers so infatuated with Tesla? 

Innovative technology inspired by consumers

Cars have been fitted with computers for some years now, but traditionally these were updated by taking the car to dealerships, with mechanics updating the hardware or software, which is a time-consuming process. However, with Tesla, they regularly update the software without the drivers needing to do a thing. This practice has also allowed Tesla to abandon traditional model years as used by other car manufacturers. Due to constant updates, your Tesla remains technologically new. The best way to see if these cars live up to the hype is to hire a Tesla yourself.

Protecting the environment

Powering a vehicle by electricity is far superior to petrol or diesel. From sustainable sources, aTesla emits zero emissions into the atmosphere, creating cleaner air and benefits for the environment.

As clean energy becomes a trend for the future, Tesla has already begun doing its part to limit greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.

Exceptional reputation

The envy of the automobile industry, Tesla’s brand has a high reputation. The first successful new American car manufacturer to launch in decades, as well as its innovation, to become the first all-electric car maker ever, the brand is incredible.

With pre-orders in the hundreds of thousands for each new model. Consumers are not only investing in Tesla but its ability to create and execute extraordinary cars.

Comfortable features, sleek style, and fantastic performance

When tested, Tesla cars regularly top the scale in the evaluation, often exceeding every car that has been tested before it in all respects. 

Not only are Tesla cars wonderfully versatile, but they are also fun to drive. They are technologically advanced, comfortable and fast while developing automobile inventions of the future, including autopilot. The touch screen is also incredibly futuristic in terms of information and car controls.

The sleek design of Tesla cars is also durable, ensuring that they will not look dated in years to come, a difficult feat for most vehicles. The finish and fit is minimalist comfort rather than excessively luxurious, which appeals to many modern mindsets.

Imagine a car which not only performs exceptionally well but is whisper quiet across any motorway and road trip! Hire a Tesla now to experience these incredible cars.