Why Do You Need to Buy a Hunting Knife?

The title of this article is going to make most hunters laugh a self indulgent laugh. Honestly, it probably sounds rhetorical enough to most outdoorsmen to make any of them laugh. It’s not just hunters who need to buy a hunting knife. Half of the time, it’s fisherman, rock climbers, campers, boaters and all other types of outdoor enthusiasts. A hunting knife is really only a hunting knife when you use it while you are hunting; it’s the knife part of it that is irreplaceable. As they say, the best knife for a task is the one you have on you. The same could be said of just about any situation you could encounter. Use what you have, and use it wisely.

But since the article has already been styled, it may as well be diligently answered. Why do you need to buy a hunting knife? Well, you need to buy a hunting knife if you are an outdoorsman, period. It doesn’t matter whether you are a hunter or not. The point remains that a good fixed knife is the single most important piece of gear that you can bring with you into the country, whether you’re hunting, fishing, camping, or pursuing some other outdoor sport. It will make your recreation more enjoyable and it can even save your life.

Let’s say you’re a hunter. What do you do when you need to clear a shooting lane for your stand? What do you do when you need to cut yourself loose from a harness or work with rope? What do you do when the blessed hour of harvest comes, and the time for skinning and dressing is at home? You reach for your knife. This argument is simple and straightforward enough and should require no other investigation.

And yet we will investigate further. Let the hypothetical situation unfold in which you are a fisherman and not a hunter. What do you do when your line is tangled beyond the hope of working it free? What do you do when you have buried the hook in a piece of upholstery on the boat? What do you do when a fish has swallowed the hook, and even with highfalutin modern disgorgers is at risk of dying if you waste more time handling it? What about when you take your catch back to the dock and the time comes for fileting? You reach for a knife.

Campers, rock climbers, bushcrafters, boaters and other outdoorsmen are all in the same situation. When you need to free a line from a seized knot, you draw a knife. When you need to carve new stakes for your tent, you draw a knife. The pattern continues and goes on and on and on. That’s why you need to buy a hunting knife, generally, although as we said, the best knife for a job is the one you have. You can exercise some discretion with the knife you actually end up buying. The point is, you need a knife if you spend an appreciable amount of time outside. You just can’t get away without one.

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