Nowadays our lives revolve around technology and innovation. We have come this far that it takes us just a few hours to fly to another country. We can even use our cars for small trips and day-to-day use. But all these run or tyres, even an aeroplane needs tyres to take off. Tyres are everywhere be they in small vehicles or large. But when it comes to car tyres you must choose wisely.

A tyre allows the vehicle to accelerate, brake, slow down and corner with stability. Not just that, they also play a keen part in offering performance. If your vehicle does not have the right set of tyres you won’t have a smooth driving experience. Many roads are still under construction, so it is not a surprise if you face a rough road. These rough roads, reckless driving and running over potholes can damage your tyres. That is why we suggest you purchase a tyre that suits your vehicle as well as your usage requirements. Below are a few factors that you should consider before purchasing a tyre.


As we said earlier road conditions can affect the tyres. If you are an adventurer going on an unknown road with a regular tyre might get you in trouble. Your vehicle can end up having a flat tyre or stuck in a pothole. That is why we suggest wide-width tyres. These tyres are large and do not get easily clogged. Also, because of the larger size, they offer a better view of the road ahead so you can dodge the boulder or act accordingly. These tyres are efficient in taking you to inaccessible land without any trouble. However, these tyres do not offer much fuel efficiency. So it is best if you avoid them for regular use in city streets.


Weather conditions can also affect the tyres. The roads are also cool and warm according to the weather. This coldness or warmth transmits to the tyres making them incompetent. Such as warm temperatures can make the rubber of the tyres go soft and cold and make them go hard. This can affect the efficiency of the tyres and also put you in difficult situations. That is why manufacturers come up with the idea of seasonal tyres. Seasonal tyres are set of different tyres suitable for different seasons.

  • Winter tyres
  • Summer tyres
  • All-season tyres


  • Asymmetric tread pattern
  • Symmetric tread pattern
  • Uni-directional tread pattern


The size of the tyres is one of the main factors that can affect not only the performance of the vehicle but also the health of the vehicle. The size of the tyre depends on the model of the tyre. These tyres undergo tests for load index, speed rating etc so they can offer optimal performances. If the vehicle does not have the original size of the tyres it can also damage the vehicle. In addition to that such tyres wear quicker than usual and need sooner replacement. You can find the size of the tyre on the sidewalls of the tyres as well as in the car manual. The size of the tyres includes important information about the tyre such as application, load index, aspect ratio, speed rating, age, diameter, construction etc.


The rubber material of the tyres must be of good quality or the tyre might not perform optimally. The rubber offers heat resistance which is resisting the tyre from overheating because of the continuous friction between the road and the tyres. This overheating can also lead to tyres malfunctioning or blowout. Quality tyres prevent that from happening. In addition to that, the rubber material of the tyre also gives the tyres their life. If the rubber is old or of poor quality, it will completely wear sooner than usual which will also affect the performance of the vehicle. New and good quality rubber tyres offer durability as long as you maintain them.


Tyres Sheffield offers you a range of tyres that offer optimal performance. We aim to provide safety to our customers. If your tyres aren’t right for the vehicle they might malfunction in the middle of the road. That is why we offer tyres that are of good quality rubber and won’t disappoint you. Our operators can also help you find the right size of tyres as per your usage.