Why choose professional painters and contractors?

If your business needs a decor refresh in the New Year, why should you use commercial painters and decorators rather than doing it yourself?

Unlike repairing your plumbing or fixing a modern engine in your car, decorating is a job that can be done by yourself in most cases. While this is a great way to save costs or even make your decorating budget go that little bit further so you can afford the expensive wallpaper or paint, in many cases a DIY job is unlikely to go as smoothly as if you had called in the commercial painters and decorators.

commercial painters and decorators

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider finding a contractor to decorate your business.

Realistic timeframes

While you may blank out a weekend to decorate a couple of rooms, how often do you find that other things pop up when you’re still three quarters of the way through the second coat? Experienced commercial painters and decorators will be able to give a rough estimate on how long it is likely to take to paint or wallpaper your rooms within a couple of minutes of entering your business. This estimate will be refined by your instructions over the sort of paint or wallpaper to be used on the job, giving you a clear and realistic timescale for the decoration. This certainty gives you the opportunity to plan your way through the days when your business is a worksite.


We’ve all seen the viral videos shared on social media of people managing to tip paint down themselves, or all over the TV set because they haven’t prepared for the job effectively, nor have they the expertise to do a good job. Even if you are able to avoid the Facebook-worthy pitfalls that hamper many DIYers, are you confident that your paintwork will deliver an even finish, and that your wallpapering will go up straight?

Hiring commercial painters and decorators to complete your home improvements gives you peace of mind that your business will look fantastic once they have finished, with straight wallpaper, even paintwork, no drips on the skirting boards or any other of the faux pas that may trouble people doing it themselves.

Knowledge of materials

With the experience that professional trades people have gained over their years in business comes an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the materials that they work with. While a quick eyeball of a room will give them an early indication of how many rolls of wallpaper or litres of paint will be needed, measurements will then turn that into a clear guide.

Additionally, talking to your decorator about the materials you plan to use will allow them to advise you on the best materials for your job. If you are unsure about the difference between matt, silk and eggshell paint, and which is best to use on your walls, you can be sure that your decorator will be able to advise you.

They possess all of the tools

While you have picked out the colours, and perhaps even purchased the wallpaper or paint to be used on your walls, are you in possession of all of the tools needed to apply them? Not only will decorators have the equipment needed to hang wallpaper or paint walls, but they will also have great quality tools for the job. Another handy bonus is that they will take them away and clean them at the end of the job.

Commercial painters and decorators are insured

When you are hiring a professional, you are not just hiring their experience. A professional painter and decorator will have extensive public liability insurance, meaning that any issues that may be caused when they are in your home should be covered.

Of course, with the experience that a professional has gained in the trade, the likelihood of anything going wrong decreases greatly, but accidents can happen. If something goes catastrophically wrong when your business is being decorated, you will have the peace of mind that all will be put right without causing additional expense to you.

It is absolutely possible for people to decorate their own businesses, and many people do to a high standard each year. Hiring the professionals removes a great deal of stress and guesswork from the equation.

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