Why Choose Dental Bonding in Brampton to Get Perfect Teeth?

Do imperfections in your teeth make you sad? Then dental bonding in Brampton may be the answer.

This unique dental procedure can help you resolve your dental problems in a single day. Dental bonding makes use of a resin that exactly matches your teeth’s natural lustre.

As the term suggests, a dentist applies it directly to the patient’s tooth until it dries. Ultraviolet light is applied to make sure the resin solidifies perfectly and bonds well with your enamel.

In this post we discuss the key benefits of this dental procedure.

Let’s get started.

Top Reasons for Selecting Dental Bonding in Brampton 

Here are the top reasons why dental bonding is a great option to get perfect teeth.

It Is Highly Affordable 

Dental bonding is one of the most affordable dental procedures. How much you spend depends on the number of teeth that require this treatment. It is a simple procedure that is usually completed in a single visit. This also saves you time and money as multiple visits are not required.

It Helps Hide Dental Imperfections 

Dental bonding can resolve multiple common tooth imperfections. For example, it can help hide small cracks or chips caused by injuries or accidents. It also whitens stains caused by smoking or various foods and replaces certain areas in front teeth that are decayed. This bonding also reshapes the structure of the tooth to achieve its angular shape.

It’s a Good Alternative to Amalgam Fillings

Dental bonding makes use of a composite resin that adds strength and durability to damaged teeth. Compared to dental amalgam fillings, this composite resin perfectly blends with the patient’s original teeth. These fillings have a distinctive colour that makes them easily noticeable.

It Is Safe and Painless 

The whole procedure is absolutely safe and painless. Your dentist prepares the tooth’s surface by etching the enamel using a roughing gel and coating your tooth with a premium conditioning liquid. These procedures allow the bonding material to stick to the tooth.

The next step is to choose the colour of resin that matches your teeth. This composite resin is then applied to your tooth and moulded into the right shape. This moulding is then hardened and dried using UV light. Lastly, the dentist polishes this bond to a natural shine.

It Looks Like a Natural Tooth

As mentioned, dental bonding creates a look similar to a natural tooth. The material used is chosen to blend well with the remaining teeth.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of dental bonding in Brampton, make sure you choose this procedure whenever it is necessary. It is affordable, safe, painless and helps to hide dental imperfections. It also looks just like natural teeth. To learn more about dental bonding or other dental care procedures, get in touch with a top dental office in Brampton today.

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