Why Automotive CRM Helps Car Shoppers

If you are out and looking for a new car, you are probably aware that in today’s world of online car sales and Amazon out-selling most average local dealerships, the net can be your friend. It can help you figure out just what you should be buying and how much you should be paying for it. You can shop for special features that you want in that dream car or for bargains on that cheap ride.

But no matter why you are looking for a car, whether you shop online or in person, technology will at some point affect your buying choices. This is because many businesses that sell autos today use automotive CRM programs to help them determine the best way to keep you happy and a loyal customer. And while this may sound like a Big Brother program interfering with your life, it can also be a good idea. Here is why that dealership where you bought your latest set of wheels is using this software, and why you are going to benefit from it.

The Customer is Always Right

One of the things that most automotive CRM programs will do is to help a dealership keep track of any problems with their customers, and integrate that information into a big picture of what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. They will have a record of every phone call you have made to them for help, what service calls were successful and what kind of service seems to get a good response. This is bound to make them a better business, more in tune with what you as a customer want to get from them in terms of service. If there was ever a business where the old adage that “the customer is always right” applies it has to be in the automotive sales business. Customers that are loyal and come back year after year for that new car are known and valued in a business like this.

An Automotive CRM Program that Suits

Of course, it always depends on what that individual program is designed to do and how well it does accomplish its task. A smart car dealers will know that by taking every customer interaction and consolidating them into a program it will show them the patterns of loyalty. It will highlight what kind of information prospective customers want and what interaction seems to be the most effective when it comes to actual sales. This means that you, as the customer, end up getting the information you actually need when you need it, and not a sales brochure for a family car when you love and want to buy a sports car.

Social Media and CRM Programs

The latest trend is to also include social media interactions such as when you visited the local dealerships Facebook page to find out more about them. While it may be that the website is the more traditional way to look up a business, more and more young buyers are using social media to find what they want and that includes automobiles. So this valuable new piece of information can help your local dealership know what the best cars are to offer, including maybe the car you have always wanted at a price you can finally afford. Now that is service!

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