Why 100% Natural Cotton Towels Are Best-Sellers

Natural cotton is no doubt the best and the most popular fiber that is used to make towels. That is because natural cotton is actually organic cotton that is grown in certified organic fields and processed without chemicals.

What is difference between natural organic cotton and conventional cotton?
The major difference is that in conventional cotton farming there is rampant use of chemicals throughout the manufacturing process.

For example, even before they are picked, cotton plants are sprayed with a chemical defoliant that wilts the leaves and makes it easier to harvest the cotton boll. Secondly, the picked cotton is left to soak in the defoliant and chemicals are added to it to strengthen its fibers. Thirdly, during bleaching process, chlorine, a very harmful substance is added to the cotton. Fourthly, dyes used for coloring are toxic.

Natural organic cotton on the other hand is grown with very little chemical treatment and is not sprayed with defoliants. Gentle mechanical means are used to strengthen the fabric and instead of Chlorine, Peroxide is used for bleaching. Reactive and Azo-free dyes are used for coloring.
Which is the most-suited fabric to make natural cotton towels?

Natural organic cotton has longer and stronger fibers and is softer and absorbent than conventional cotton, or other synthetic materials. Therefore, Natural Cotton Towels turn out to be far more superior.

Below are some reasons:

– Cotton fiber is breathable, allows air to pass through and keeps you cool throughout the day.

– All cotton varieties are affordable including premium ones such as Egyptian and Turkish cotton.

– Natural cotton towels are soft and do not irritate the skin, or cause itchiness.

– Cotton towels require low maintenance and can be machine washed and spun dried.

– Receptivity to colors is another positive aspect of natural cotton towels.

– Cotton is free of chemicals and therefore more absorbent than synthetic fabrics.

What is towel weight and why it matters?

Weight of fabric is measured in GSM (Grams per square meter) and the higher the GSM of a fabric, the more thicker and luxurious the towel is. In high-end hotels natural cotton towels are usually of a higher GSM. On the other hand, towels with a low GSM are lighter, thinner and dry much faster and are mostly used in gyms, salons and kitchens.

Weight classification:

300-400gsm (lightweight and thin) – The fabric is mostly used for utility towels.
400-600gsm (medium) – These are regular weight towels mostly used at home in bathrooms.
600-900gsm (heavyweight) – These are luxury towels used mostly in hotels.

What are the different types of cotton towels?

There are different ways to classify a cotton towel. Towels made from a higher GSM are not always the best and multiple other factors are also considered. Some of these are listed below:
Pima cotton

Pima Cotton has long fibers and towels made from this cotton are highly absorbent, light and fluffy.

Egyptian cotton

Towels made from Egyptian cotton are extremely soft, plush and highly absorbent. That’s because Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, is dense and has long thick fibers. Although associated with high-end luxury towels, Egyptian cotton is also used to produce towels for everyday consumption. These towels are durable; have a long life and require low maintenance.

Turkish cotton

Turkish cotton towels are very popular as they are highly absorbent, soft and lightweight. It is said that the more these towels are washed, the softer and fluffier they become. Another reason for their popularity is that Turkish cotton towels dry very fast.


Natural cotton towels have an edge over conventional cotton towels. However, no matter what type of cotton is used to make the towel, important is to take care of them as per instructions provided on the care label. If this is not done properly then towels can serve their purpose for a long time, but if care instructions are not followed, then towels can deteriorate with the passage of time.

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