Where to Use Vertical Blinds in a Home

Decorating a house is always like a new adventure and choosing the right window treatments are one of the exciting elements of this adventure. With such huge varieties of choices, it is really hard to select the perfect window treatment. There is no denying the fact that blinds are attractive and aesthetically appealing window coverings. But, when it is about choosing a blind that meets both functional and design needs, it becomes a really difficult choice. There is one blind that suits both windows and doors and multiple design options. This option is vertical blinds!

These blinds are commonly used in commercial spaces, especially in hotels and offices. However, nowadays, they have proved to be effective for residential spaces as well. Now, one might ask where to use these blinds at home? Well, let’s find out the different places in a home where vertical blinds are a perfect fit


Conservatories or sunrooms are the ideal places for these blinds. Blinds control the entrance of light into these spaces and help keep the temperature comfortable. During hot sunny days, you can close the slats and create a cool and relaxing ambiance in a space. By installing these blinds in conservatories, you can enjoy the gentle breeze of the summer without getting disturbed by sun’s glare. Thus, vertical shadings create a calm and relatively cool environment.

Living Rooms  

You might find patio doors and large windows in many living rooms. Vertical blinds are wonderful options to cover up the wide expanses of glass doors and windows. They shield the room from being exposed to glare and sunlight. These blinds can be opened on both sides or on either side, making them ideal to use on patio doors. Also, these blinds have an appealing look and give easy accessibility to the door when they are tucked on one side.

Similarly, vertical blinds are best suited for bay windows. The best part is that their headrails can be customized to fit curves and odd shaped windows. They can be easily operated too. By just pulling the cord, the blind moves along the length of its headrail.


Vertical blinds can also be installed in bathrooms. Waterproof materials are found on blinds in the market today. These blinds offer light control, privacy and a perfect balance between visibility and light that are required in a bathroom.

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