Where to Go on the China Photo Trip: Top Places to Visit

Are you a photography enthusiast? Do you want to visit China for an exciting photo trip? Let’s read over the article now!


Nowadays, you see that social media is filled with gorgeous photos. And you often catch yourself wondering whether it’s all true. In fact, those beautiful mountain backdrops and landscapes you see are very much real. Most importantly, you can easily fill your grid with such breathtaking photos, too. All you have to do is to take a China photo trip! After all, travel photography is rewarding.

If you spend days in different parts of Yunnan or Sichuan, you are sure to bag some mesmerizing shots. Let’s take Yunnan as an example. Known as “the place south of colorful clouds”, the province has earned recognition for the mix of endemic plants and animals. Believe it or not, Yunnan is the “Kingdom of Plants and Animals”. Needless to say, you can return home with countless stunning photographs. On top of it, you can find a deep connection with nature.

So, where should you go when on a photo trip in China? Let’s go through the top picks!

Explore the Hidden Land

Do you want to photograph an ancient castle in the east? Or a fairyland on earth? During a photo safari, you have the opportunity to explore Amdo, Utsang, and Kham. These dialectical regions have a one-of-a-kind charm reflecting Tibetan culture. Before you immerse in a wholesome cultural exchange, you will visit Chengdu Panda Base where you can see young and adult pandas in action. Then the China photo trip takes you to Taoping Qiang Village where you see the famous ‘ancient castle in the east’.

Now, it’s time to step into the wild and cherish the unadulterated beauty of nature. You can visit Huanglong National Park located within the Minshan Mountains. So, let’s get ready for some spellbinding Instagram-worthy shots. From the enormous karst landscapes to snow-covered peaks – Huanglong National Park has so many things to offer.

On top of it, Ruoergai Grassland requires a special mention because of the beautiful grasslands. The breathtaking high prairies make a great backdrop for mind-blowing shots. Meanwhile, you can try your hands on wildlife photography as the grassland shelters Tibetan Fox, Palla’s Cat, Plateau Pika, and so on.

Capture Vibrant Guizhou Province

Guizhou province does not fall under the spotlight but its colorful landscape and rich ethnic culture must be on every nature photographer’s bucket list. Mount Fanjingshan, Zhaoxing Dong Village, and Zhenyuan Ancient Town are the top attractions.

Mount Fanjingshan finds a special place as it is a holy mountain symbolizing “Buddhist tranquility”. You can stay assured to get some excellent views from the Red Clouds Golden Summit, the Old Golden Summit, and the Golden Summit.

On the other hand, your trip to Guizhou will be incomplete if you do not photograph Jiabang Rice Terraces. Take top or panoramic shots of the mysterious terraces on a cloudy morning and see your followers grow faster. Also, Libo Scenic Area, a World Heritage Site, has a miniature garden that you would not want to miss shooting for the world.

Last-minute Takeaway

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Author bio: Vera Liu is a travel and lifestyle blogger, and she has published multiple articles on the China adventure tour. Here, she discusses the main highlights of the China photo trip.

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