Where Can You Get Plumbing Snakes for Sale?

Drain technicians everywhere know that without quality sewer snakes, their drain cleaning machines are useless. The snake auger is the tool necessary to clear clogs in drains of all shapes and sizes. It’s the tool used to remove hair clogs from shower drains or soap scum clogging sink drains, or food clogging kitchen sink drains. Clogs can be on the easer side or on the more difficult side, but without the proper sewer snakes to help clear the clog, your efforts will fall flat. Duracable is an online drain cleaning equipment provider that not only offers high-quality drain cleaning machines, but also blades, drain care, and Plumbing Snakes For Sale.

The plumbing snakes available at Duracable.com are available in a variety of sizes. The smallest size cable available is ¼” wide and available in both hollow core and inner core. The lengths available for this cable include 75’, 100’, 37’, and 50’. The ½” wide cable snakes provided by Duracable come in lengths of 60’, 75’, 90’, and 100’ and are available in both hollow core and inner cable. The ¾” wide hollow and inner cores are available in lengths of 50’, 100’, 110’, 120’, 130’, and 150’. The 5/16” drain cables are available in lengths of 37’, 50 ft., 75’, and 100’. Duracable also offers drain line cables that are ⅝” wide and in lengths of 50’, 80’, 100’, and 120’. The ⅜” wide cables are available in lengths of 6-’, 75’, 90’, and 100’. Finally, the 11/16” drain pipe cables are available in lengths of 80’, 100’, 110’, 120’, 130’, and 150’.

In addition to the drain auger cleaner snakes, Duracable also offers a variety of cable accessories. These accessories include splice cores, hex splice cores, male ends, slip joints, and female ends. These drain cable accessories are available in a variety of sizes so that you can fit these accessories to your cables. While the Duracable site is user-friendly and incredibly easy to use, you’ll find that browsing their site and looking for the products you need is made even easier once landing on category pages. Searches can be filtered by recommended reels, cable types (either hollow core or inner core), and cable diameters.

Duracable also offers camera inspection equipment to make diagnosing the cause of clogs easier in order to clear those clogs effectively. Some of the camera inspection equipment they offer include the RIDGID Digital Inspection Equipment, G-Vision Camera Monitor, and Ridgid Camera Repair Center.

As any licensed and experienced drain cleaning technician knows, not every drain pipe cleaner cable fits every drain and not every machine is the best machine for that drain. While some of the machines we offer are ideal for smaller residential drains, technicians need to be aware that each drain might need a different size cable. Some of the machines and reels we offer are made to make a drain cleaning technician’s job easier. The reels are able to be easily replaced so that different size cables can be switched out quickly and easily than normally so that technicians can finish their jobs in a timely manner.

For more information on the equipment Duracable offers, visit them online at Duracable.com. All of their drain cleaning machines, blades, reels, and plumbing snakes for sale are thoroughly tested to ensure quality and effectiveness. If a product does not pass its testing phase, it is not sent through to be sold. Duracable takes pride in the products they offer and they take pride in making a drain cleaning technician job easier. So head on over to Duracable.com and browse their site to get what you need, send us an email at sales@duracable.com or give us a call at 800-247-4081.

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