When Do Babies Start Grabbing Toys?

Babies are born with reflexive grasp. Babies love to grab toys. Babies never reach out and take hold of something until they are a few months old. Babies take time to learn how to hold objects such as toys. They have a whole new world of play after learning this. The learning speed of every baby is different. Every baby grows at their own pace. Babies take almost one year to develop the coordination to pick up and hold things. Learning to reach and grasp toys is a skill that is attained over time. Here’s what to expect from each month:

From birth:

In the first few months, babies automatically grasp anything placed in their palm. Place your finger in their hands and try stroking. Your baby is likely to hang on tightly, which is a wonderful feeling.

By 2 months:

When your baby is 2 months old, his/her hands will be open most of the time. They’ll start to hit things while moving their arms.

By 4 months:

When your baby is 4 months old, he/she will start taking interest in things around them. They become aware of their hands and feet. Noticing feet and removing socks is the entertaining activity of most babies. Your baby will become more adept at hitting and gripping things as they receive more practice. They also practise it by punching you and pulling your hair. They have no intention of you. They pull your hair just for practice.

By 6 months:

When your baby is 6 months old, he/she will grab toys in their hands. They also start to put things in their mouths. It is important for you to make sure that they don’t get hold of anything too little that they could swallow. At this age, they will start to use both hands simultaneously.

By 8-12 months:

Babies will start using their fingers and thumb in a grasp to hold things. If you give a few bites of food during a meal to them, it would help them to practice this. When babies are 9-10 months old, they will start to drop and throw things. They do this activity in order to develop hand-eye coordination.

By 12-18 months:

When your baby turns one year old, he/she will start pointing at objects and people. In order to develop language skills in your baby, try to say the name of the object that your baby is showing you. At this age, they start holding toys and playing with them.


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