When a Cheap Drain Snake Isn’t Cheap

So you’re out there looking for a Cheap Drain Snake – understandable. You don’t want to pour money into something that is arguably going to put up with more abuse than any other piece of equipment in your arsenal. Day after day, week after week, your drain snakes are taking the brunt of the work keeping drains clear and free of obstructions. Grease. Tree roots. Miscellaneous monstrosities. They all stop drains, and when duty calls, you and your drain machine serve up the tough stuff to your drain snakes. So you need a drain snake, of course. But when is a cheap drain snake not cheap?

That is an excellent question. We’ll be concise. A cheap drain snake isn’t cheap when you don’t pay a lot of money for it, but it represents absolutely stellar, uncustomary quality that can’t be found elsewhere. It’s categorically cheap, as you didn’t pay a lot of money for it – but in quality it in no way deserves that moniker. Where, then, can you get a cheap drain snake that isn’t cheap?

At Duracable.com, that’s where. Duracable has been a premier supplier of drain snakes and other drain maintenance equipment like drain machines, blades, camera inspection equipment, and other drain care products for nearly 40 years now, and do they ever deserve praise.

Let’s put it this way. All of Duracable’s drain cables that they produce in-house are subject to extremely rigorous testing and inspection. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a heavy-duty ¾ inch inner core cable that’s designed to chop through some nasty roots or a ¼ inch hollow core that needs to navigate the twists and turns of residential lines, they expect the same quality from their finished cables. That means extremely hard, extremely strong yet extremely flexible cables that can put up with the abuses of life as a drain snake. During production, if any of their cables fail any of their metrics, the entire batch associated with it gets tossed. There’s no compromise on quality at Duracable.

Even after production, Duracable goes a step further in shipping. Where some producers just wrap up their cables and ship them out, Duracable ships them in a proprietary carton that protects the cables from torsion and environmental damage and on top of that facilitates loading onto the reel of a drain machine. Even once you’ve received your drain cables and have put them to work, Duracable guarantees them with a 30-day warranty – plenty of time for you to get familiar with the true colors of their quality.

So when is a cheap drain snake not cheap? When it doesn’t cost a lot but still serves up industry-defining quality on multiple fronts. That’s when.

In addition to their drain cables, Duracable sells drain machines, blades, drain cleaning accessories and much more, that we have mentioned already. If you’re on their site, Duracable.com, don’t leave before you’ve taken a look at the rest of what they offer. The quality of their cables is indicative of the quality that pervades their entire stock. Find what you need on their site listed above, or give their team a call at 800-247-4081. They’d be glad to set you up with what you need.

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