Wheel straightening Preston and everything about wheel straightening

Preston is a town in the United Kingdom. As per the data available, there are over 1,55,000 cars in Preston. This seemingly high figure also points out the fact that these cars would also require a good garage to go to and get the issues resolved. There are numerous car servicing service centres in Preston. One of the major equipment that needs to be properly taken care of are wheels. More than that, it’s crucial to ensure that wheel straightening is done in case there is a need to fix it. Not a lot of people might be aware in depth about alloy wheel straightening Preston, how it is done, what it exactly is and what are the signs to watch out for.

As you already know, wheels are one of the most important components of a car. If the wheels are not in the best shape and running capacity, you will face difficulties in driving your car. You should have your wheels properly tightened fixed, and balanced before being on the road.

Are you aware of a wheel straightening machine and why is it exactly used?

Going by the name, it’s clear that the machine helps you straighten your wheels. The wheels might go through their phases of wear and tear. For example, if the car hits a hard bump, the wheels might get tilted at an angle that is not suitable for the car. So it’s important from a road safety perspective to ensure that wheels look straight for a safe and comfortable ride. In case you do not have an alloy wheel straightener, you can keep one with you to straighten your wheel. Alloy wheels are usually more susceptible to damage owing to being more sensitive. Thus, it’s important to keep a system in place to get them to the original level again.

Why is it important to have an alloy wheel straighter?

Alloy wheel straighteners come in handy and are more useful than they appear to be. With the use of hydraulic technology or even cold rollers, they turn out to be useful. It is recommended to use heat and hydraulics over cold bending and rolling since they put the wheels at a greater risk of snapping or cracking in general. Thus, it is important to have machines offering heat and pressure to keep alloys stable while altering or bending their shape. A wheel straighter would be economical for you and turn out to be cost-effective as compared to new wheels.


Bent wheels can have a great impact on the stability of a vehicle. Wheels if bent can impact the safety of the vehicle to a great extent thereby increasing the risk of accidents.


A smooth comfortable ride would not be possible if the car is not functioning well. To ensure that your car is performing to the best of its capacity, get your entire car checked properly.

Enhanced life span

A car with misaligned wheels can cause wear and tear, thereby impacting the longevity of the car. Wheel straightening ensures that the car tyres wear evenly and helps save overall cost on the car.

What is the process of wheel straightening?

  • Firstly, the severity of the entire damage is checked along with any other issues that may persist. These may include cracks or deep scuffs.
  • Post this, the affected tyre is removed before the straightening process begins.
  • The tyre is then mounted onto a specialist alloy wheel straightening equipment. The angle of bend is identified using the straightening machine which is then fixed up using heat.
  • The alloy is heated slowly and with great precision to ensure that it takes the right shape.
  • After the entire process is done, the pressure monitoring of the wheels is done.

What are the common causes and signs of wheel damage?

  • Driving with a flat tyre
  • There can be corrosion owing to driving on winter roads or in locations high in humidity
  • If you are driving over a broken pavement
  • If your car keeps hitting potholes or has hit one

In case you are not aware of any particular incident that might have caused damage to your car, you can notice a few signs that would show that your allows are damaged.

  • Vibration or shakiness from the steering wheel or even beneath the car seats
  • Deflated tyres or in case your tyres deflate very easily
  • If there is an uneven tyre wear
  • There is prominent bulging in the sidewalls of your car
  • If the steering and brake are showing poor performance
  • The steering and suspension components start requiring maintenance or repair quite often

Now that you are aware of car wheel straightening, make sure that follow these rules to have a hassle-free and safe driving experience. Just remember things last long when you take care of them well. Car is one such asset that would be with you for a long duration.