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Do you love to explore the unique and diverse cultures around the world? Do you find peace in meeting new people and learning about their traditions? If yes, you cannot miss backpacking around Sichuan or Shaanxi. China is home to one of the earliest civilizations on earth; therefore, you can find century-old ethnic communities across the country. You can learn about their rich culture and different religious practices during the China culture journey. Moreover, you have the opportunity to witness the melting pot of varied cultures, traditions, and practices during your travels.

Every person has different interests. If you love learning about the history of ancient places, your friend may enjoy colorful festivals across the world. The ancient land of China is the perfect destination to add to your bucket list for everything related to cultural values.

While many of you are already mesmerized by tranquil rivers, vast deserts, or majestic mountains, the cultural trip will be a pleasant surprise. In this article, we highlight the main reasons to join the cultural journey in China.

For a Memorable Journey through the Silk Road

Have you heard of the historic Silk Route? The Silk Road connected China to the western part of the world. The route was extended from Central Asia to Europe, and you can tread down the remains of the same path now. It is an opportunity to cherish for a lifetime as you feel the rich history underneath the sands coming back to life.

On this trip, Xi’an shelters a remarkable historic relic – Terracotta Warriors. In addition, you can take a tour around Mogao Caves, Id Kah Mosque, and Maijishan Grottoes. Also, a trip down to the ruins of a city near Turpan is another major attraction.

Besides the Silk Road and the remains of the Tang Dynasty, you can visit Jiayuguan. This particular location is well-known for being the most intact pass of the Great Wall. What’s fascinating is that the pass does not only comprise gates but is also identical to a small city.

For a Close Interaction with Tibetan Communities

Did you know Kham is recognized as the Ethnic Corridor of Southwest China? Kham has a long history of giving shelter to more than 14 culturally and linguistically different ethnic groups. If you visit the easternmost Tibetan region, you will witness the cultural traditions and beyond. Kham is a one-of-a-kind part of the world and will offer a full immersion in the mysterious landscape.

Furthermore, you can witness Tibet architecture drawing inspiration from Indian and Chinese styles. The buildings feature symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, and you can pay a visit to the folk houses alongside monasteries. For a deep dive into the aesthetic of Tibetan architecture, this is a must-visit place.

Some Parting Thoughts

If you want to learn the habits and traditions of ethnic groups, you cannot miss the China cultural journey. Authentic cultural exchanges are something never likely to happen again in your life. Each tour will be guided by professionals; therefore, you will get the rich local flavor without facing language barriers.

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Author bio: Janice Wang is a backpacker, and she frequently goes on the China photo trip organized by AbsolutePanda. Here, she mentions the top reasons to book the China culture journey.

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