What type of mattress is considered better for people on the heavier side?

Are you in the market for buying a new mattress? Do you weigh more than 100kg or more or you and your partner’s combined weight is more than 200kg? If yes, then definitely you need to take a moment to read through this post as it will help you figure out which type of sleeping bed mattress can be good for you.

The main reason is only that due to an added pressure being put frequently on to the materials, there are certain factors in regards to the a  mattress in Mumbai that you need to look for so as to make sure you are able to find one that not only gives you the desired support while sleeping throughout the night time but also lasts for a longer duration of time.

Before we move to the fine points, let’s take a moment to have a look at some of the key aspects of the sleeping bed mattress to pay heed to keep in mind your weight aspect.

  • Pressure point pain relief
  • Appropriate spine alignment and support
  • Material first choice

First of all, you must ensure that you are well mindful about your personal requirements especially when it comes to above-mentioned aspects so it becomes quite easy for you to make the right pick. For instance, if you don’t really like to have mediocre edge support, then definitely you will like to check out a mattress that comes with superior edge support like the innerspring products.

Here are some of the general factors that you need to bear in mind before you decide to buy mattress in Mumbai:          


You need to have proper support is the most important aspect, especially when you are on the heavier side. As your body has different pressure points such as shoulders and hips you need something that can provide well-support. Yet, there are other spots like the lumbar which are every so often considered to be quite thin. Therefore, ensure what type of mattress can offer you with the right blend of firm support underneath with superior comfort layers that will give you the desired comfort level.

Edge support

Another important aspect that you need to consider about the sleeping bed mattress that has firm edge support because of the fact that sometimes when you wake up you don’t feel like coming out of the bed quickly. Or at times you would want to take the support of the edge of the sleeping bed mattress and then get up. Therefore, make sure you do check whether the mattress you are thinking about buying has a supportive edge or not.

Thickness of the mattress

When you will try to search online, you will certainly find all types of mattresses that come with different thickness level.If you are someone who weighs less than 200kg, you must look for a mattress in Mumbai that is around 10 inches. Nevertheless, if you go beyond this weight, you should try to go with 12 inches and more.