What to Know When You Buy a Hunting Knife

Whether you are a long-time hunter or someone who is getting into hunting for the first time, the importance of having a knife with you should be something you know. There are obviously many uses for a hunting knife when you are in the outdoors, but you may not have the tips to Buy a Hunting Knife and find the right one for you or completely understand the reasons you need one.

Today, we are here to help with some tips and things to know when you buy a hunting knife for hunting season.

The Purpose of a Hunting Knife – The purpose of a hunting knife can change depending on what function you want it to have. For example, you may want a knife that can perform a specific task like skinning a deer or cutting away branches to carve out a spot where you can camp out and wait for game to arrive. You may choose a specialty knife in this case. You can also pick out a knife that is a multi-purpose tool that can help you with other tasks like camping but may not be the best hunting knife. It all depends on what kind of function you plan to have with your knife.

Think Smaller – The size of the knife you choose should be picked based on what you feel comfortable with and what you feel you need. Bigger is not always better in this case. You certainly want a bigger knife if you are hunting for larger animals, but if you are mainly hunting smaller animals, a knife the size of a standard pocket knife is probably all you need.

Choose a Blade – You can get a fixed blade or folding blade on a hunting knife and above all else you want it to be durable. A fixed-blade knife is very sturdy and strong since the blade runs right through the handle. Because there are no moving parts like a folding blade, they are easier to clean and typically more reliable. Folding knives, however, are more convenient because they can fit into a pocket and have more everyday use. The blade design is also important. For larger animals, you may choose a drop point blade that is thicker and curved. A clip-point blade is a lot thinner and flatter that can be used for similar tasks but also is more of a multi-purpose blade design. Skinning knives are designed to skin medium to large animals.

The Handle is Important Too – When you buy a hunting knife, you don’t want to just consider the blade, but also the handle. Handles made of wood, leather or bone are usually very functional and look great, but are less durable. Handles made from synthetics can offer a better grip and are usually very lightweight and durable. Whatever handle you choose should feel good in your hands and allow you to maintain control when using it.

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