What to Expect during an Awesome China Photo Trip in 2022

Have you ever taken a foreign trip to photograph some coolest spots? This is the time to do it in China!

Do you love to weave stories through the lens? Are you always in search of good frames? Most importantly, do you seek peace in the lap of nature? If you are busy nodding your head, we have the perfect itinerary planned.  Pack your bags and book your tickets for the unforgettable China photo trip arranged by AbsolutePanda. The country gives birth to endless stunning places and offers a chance to acquaint yourself with the richness of tribal cultures. If you look at the map of the Sichuan Basin, you will see a thrilling landscape. Why? Because this is the largest habitat for giant pandas in the world!

Hence, it’s a no-brainer that the photo trip will help sharpen your photography skills. In this article, we discuss a few highlights of the tour.

Capturing the Glory of Mount Siguniang  

Have you ever seen four mighty peaks together? Known as “Four Sisters Mountains” or “Four Girls Mountain”, Mount Siguniang is a top attraction in Sichuan. Besides celebrating the ethereal beauty of Mount Siguniang, UNESCO declared the site as a heritage site for pandas. Yes, the national park became a part of the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries in 2006.

You might find it amusing that there is a connection between the four peaks and giant pandas. Following a legend – once upon a time, there were four kind girls who tried to protect the yin-yang symbolizing bears. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, they were transformed into white snowy mountains.

Mt. Siguniang is a holy figure to the local tribal communities and an idyllic home to various animals and animals. Anyone seeking refuge away from the cacophony and amid nature must once drop by to soak in the splendor of virgin forests, alpine lakes, and snow peaks.

Stealing a Glimpse of Fairylands

Sounds interesting? Jiuzhaigou National Park, another UNESCO heritage site, is a fairyland on earth. The valley is right at the heart of the park, surrounded by Ming Mountains. If you are ready to backpack at such a high elevation, your camera will be rewarded with spellbinding scenery. From silver snow mountain peaks to pure waterfalls to colorful lakes – it’s a paradise for photographers.

Wisely added to the China photo trip, the National Park showing off an ensemble of greens and blues is a must-visit for anyone regardless of their interests. Jiuzhaigou National Park is a testament to how unbelievable natural creation could be.

Moreover, panda lovers are not devoid of a treat. Though the population is down to 20 now, you may be lucky to can catch a glimpse of giant pandas. Similarly, not very often but snub-nosed monkeys are found sometimes. Besides the rare animals, hiking around the national park rejuvenates the soul.

Last-minute Takeaway

In conclusion, the photo trip immerses you in a wholesome China culture journey. Through which you can learn about wildlife, ethnic minority groups, and beautiful natural destinations. So, reach out to AbsolutePanda and get your pass!

Author bio: Cheyenne Andrews loves traveling and has recently written about her experience of China culture journey on her blog. Here, she mentions the top attractions of China photo trip.


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