What to do in an 18-Wheeler Accident?

A truck’s size and weight make collisions extremely dangerous and traumatising. Compared to a typical auto accident, trucking accidents are much more complex and difficult to handle legally, which many individuals fail to understand. Trucking accidents are more complicated for several reasons, such as:

  • Commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers are significantly larger and heavier than smaller vehicles. An 18-wheeler has difficulty doing routine evasive manoeuvres with which a small car or truck would have no trouble. Due to their enormous size, commercial vehicles and trucks frequently cause fatalities or paralysis when they are involved in collisions.
  • Due to the involvement of more people and businesses than in a straightforward auto collision, 18-wheeler accidents are more complicated. There are probably several possible defendants and numerous insurance companies involved. Due to these complications, it is far more challenging to determine who is responsible for the accident and what exactly caused it.
  • Typical catastrophic injuries from 18-wheeler truck accidents include brain damage, back and neck injuries, spine injuries, major fractures, and, in many cases, even fatalities.

What makes 18-wheelers such a danger?

What makes 18-wheelers so much riskier than a typical vehicle? Let’s look at a few causes:

  • Weight and Speed combination: A loaded truck weighs 40 tonnes on average, compared to an average consumer car weighing 1.5 tonnes. That is almost 27 times heavier than the typical vehicle.
  • Stopping distances: Under ideal circumstances, it requires 316 feet for a typical passenger car going at 65mph to halt. However, a 40-tonne truck moving at the same pace needs 525 feet to halt, which means that 18-wheelers need significantly more stopping space.
  • Blindspot: The front, sides, and back of an 18-wheeler are significant blind areas. Drivers may have trouble recognising smaller vehicles in certain situations due to the truck’s size and height.
  • Hazardous goods: 18-wheelers frequently transport heavy and hazardous materials. Due to stricter requirements, drivers must complete specific training to become hazmat drivers. If any mishap happens, the hazardous substances getting transported will be released into the open, which can cause serious harm to both humans and the environment.
  • Cargo that isn’t secured: Not all 18-wheelers have enclosed trailers. Loose cargo can create accidents that may result in injuries and even death if the driver is irresponsible in securing the load. Raw materials, industrial tools. Automobile parts and other items are an example of typical unsecured cargo.

Conventional reasons for 18-wheeler accidents:

It is difficult to identify what caused an 18-wheeler accident. Sometimes the main cause of the collision may not even be the truck driver. Several different things frequently cause an accident. There are a few of the most typical reasons for 18-wheeler accidents, such as driver fatigue, driver inexperience, improper maintenance, bad weather, and distracted driving, which includes: texting, using dispatch devices, food and drinks, smoking, etc.

18-wheeler accident attorney and what they can do for you:

A truck’s size and weight make collisions extremely dangerous and traumatising. It is why you need to hire one of the top and most experienced 18-wheeler truck accident attorneys to represent you and work to maximise your recovery in a settlement or a trial. Having someone on your side will help you get the financial compensation for your case and greatly reduce the stress and anxiety of handling the case alone. A deep understanding of the FMCSA regulations is a skill that seasoned 18-wheeler accident attorneys employ to effectively handle the case when the insurance and trucking companies try to low-ball you. It’s difficult to handle the fallout from an 18-wheeler accident. As you recuperate from your injuries, a law company or an attorney that specialises in 18-wheeler accidents can assist you with your case. They will respond to inquiries like:

Who is to blame?

An 18-wheeler accident could have many different people involved. Finding the negligent party is crucial to getting compensation. To strengthen your case, an 18-wheeler accident attorney will assist in locating the negligent parties.

How much may I be compensated?

An 18-wheeler crash may cause serious injuries. To ensure you receive the compensation you require to recuperate, you should choose an experienced attorney. This sum should be sufficient to pay for your medical care, auto repairs, lost wages, attorney fees, and expenses related to pain and suffering.

How to negotiate with insurance firms?

The insurance company will always try their best to reach a swift resolution. An 18-wheeler accident attorney is familiar with the insurance company’s tactics as they work with them frequently, and therefore, they are best suitable to help you get your desired compensation.


Truck accidents are intricate, and there are frequently numerous possible causes and guilty parties. Was it the driver’s inattention or a problem with the steering that caused the truck to stray into your lane? Was the driver exhausted because of intoxication or working too many shifts? Was there a lack of maintenance or the manufacturer’s flaw? How to estimate the medical costs and missed wages caused by accidents?

18-wheeler truck accident attorneys excel at getting to the bottom of these problems. It’s incredibly challenging to navigate the legal system, comprehend the scope of your losses, and negotiate the best settlement without a legal representative.

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